May 28, 2024

  • A clever dog has gone viral on TikTok because of how well it treated its owner, who appeared to be sick
  • Not only did the dog help fetch water from the tap for her, but it also helped her to boil it with an electric stove
  • The dog’s wise action is almost unbelievable, but many people acknowledge that dogs are wise and man’s best friends


A wise dog has become a viral sensation after a video showed it helping its owner with house chores.

The 27 seconds video, which captured the dog’s wise action, was posted on TikTok by @love.animal.9.


In the clip, it appeared the owner of the dog was sick as she was seen lying down on a bed inside a room.

Wise dog helps its owner with house chores

The dog, therefore, took it upon itself to help its owner to do some basic house chores such as fetching and boiling water.

The dog started by fetching water from the tap. It grabbed a kettle by its mouth and it was also able to turn on the tap to fill it.


Next, the wise dog took the water to the electric stove, turned it on and boiled it. Thereafter, it rushed with the kettle and placed it before its owner.

Meanwhile, the video has astonished many people who expressed surprise that a dog could be that wise and skilful.

But some people say they are not surprised since dogs are generally regarded as man’s best friends.

Watch the video below:

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Reactions from TikTok users

@simbamimi.21 said:

“This video deserves millions of likes. Dogs are the best.”

@user7044929481411 commented:

“Dogs are the best.”

@elnure84 said:

“What a smart guy. He would be my friend who was always by my side.”

@zuhrauaysova1960 reacted:

“Real devotion. They serve until the end of their lives. Health to the hostess and smart creature.”

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