June 11, 2024

  • A heartbreaking video of a little girl bowling her eyes out in tears has drawn attention on social media
  • The little sweetheart was resting her head on the table and crying very deeply and loudly when her mother sighted her
  • When asked why she was crying, she tearfully replied that it was because she had no money at all


Having no money is a source of frustration as financial buoyancy brings some form of stability and peace of mind.

This does not only apply to adults as even children, as young as they could be, already know the importance and value of money. These things are inert and self-discovered.


A little girl reflected the reality of many adults especially those working to earn a living. She was seen sitting on her kiddie chair and resting her head on a table.

The child was not taking a nap, rather, she was crying with so much pain.

When asked why she was crying, she turned her head around and said it was because she had no money.

The little girl whose name was Minny repeated in tears that she had no money after working so hard. It was not revealed the kind of work she did anyway.

Watch the video below:

@mrs_mausia I know niece, me too 🤣🤣 I have a nooooo money 😅 Broke pehe ai 🤣 #tongantiktoks #polytiktok #husslecheck ♬ original sound – Kakau Mausia


Social media reactions

@Samantha N Shaun wrote:

“Oaariki, I’m crying here with you, for the same reason, we are in this together.”

@Doggo commented:

“Same here and I just received my salary but I have no money it’s tough out here.”

@forever2907 wrote:

“When you work a full week & it’s pay day but you gotta start paying bills.”

@Ruth Rodrigues wrote:

“I feel you baby I feel you.”

@Brittany Fontaine wrote:

“Oh how I feel this baby’s pain Omg her cry broke my heart.”

@deeelice commented:

“What she need the money for?”

@millyme1 commented:

“Why I wanna cash app this baby but. crying too because I don’t have any either.”

@Precious Gold commented:

“You’re not alone.”

@7singleworkingmoms commented:

“Yes i’m feeling her deep inner pain! WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.”

@Apryl Williams said:

“Oh baby me too me too.”

@berry boo commented:

“I feel you girl.”

@Vaniciat commented:

“Me after they took out taxes.”

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