May 20, 2024

  • A young black girl was stunned when she saw the curly hair of an Oyinbo man, so she got closer to touch it
  • With her behaviour, it was clear that she was surprised at how the man’s hair was different from her own
  • The video has since gone viral and received more than 110k likes and 2k comments on TikTok alone


funny video seen on TokTok shows a young black girl closely examining the hair of an Oyinbo man.

In the short clip posted on the video-sharing platform by @traveldatpa, the black girl appeared not to have seen an Oyinbo man before.


The girl was clearly astonished by the physical appearance of the Oyinbo man and she expressed a lot of surprises.

Young black girl touches Oyinbo man’s hair in surprise

Though the girl was not alone in the surprise, she was the one who drew closer to the Oyinbo man and started touching his hair.

She used her fingers to run through the man’s curly hair, obviously surprised that the hair was very different from her own.

The Oyinbo man was patient enough to allow the girl to touch and examine his hair while sitting down.

After touching the hair for a long time, the girl laughed in surprise and went away.

Meanwhile, the video has attracted comments from many people on TikTok where it has been liked more than 110k times.

Watch the video below:


@traveldatpa♬ original sound – Bakhadir.Rassulov


Reactions from TikTok users

@sa commented:

“What did she see?”

“sahralouyany said:

“Touched my hair, it made me want to sleep.”

@dinorarivera583 reacted:

“How nice it feels to have your hair touched. It makes you feel sleepy.”

@memories said:

“She is beautiful.”

@yardycentury said:

“It is very normal to be curious why they have straight hair, when they have never seen anything like this.”

@laram1966 said:

“It’s a discovery for them.”

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