April 17, 2024

Is your Adsense application rejected because of Valuable Inventory: Under Construction Error?

Don’t worry, and I will share my experience with you on how you can fix this simple Google Adsense error. This is actually a widespread Adsense Issue, and you can easily get rid of this error by doing nothing.

Yes, my friend, you heard right “Nothing.” If you got this error, congratulation in advance, you are very close to getting your Adsense approval.

New websites/blogs get this error because they apply for Adsense instantly after creating a new website/blog. Google gave them this under construction error because they think that the website is in its initial stage and still under construction.

Try to make at least a few days difference between creating a website or applying for an Adsense.

This error occurs because of the many common reasons like changing your website theme constantly, editing source code, re-editing pages, re-editing blog posts, etc., before or after applying Adsense.

Below I mentioned some basic steps; make sure you follow each step I shared before re-applying for Adsense.

How to Fix Scraped Content Error

Step 1. Do not edit your Source code, changing themes, editing pages, blogs, etc., while planning to apply for Adsense.

Step 2. Wait for at least 4-5 days after completing your website/blog. Do not do anything to your website for the next 4-5 days; just let it be as it is. Don’t post, edit or do anything. Just log out from your WordPress dashboard.

Step 3. Create Sitemap and submit it to Google Search console. You can easily create a sitemap with various free WP plugins like Google XML (recommended). Yoast etc.

Step 4. Make sure all your URLs are indexed before applying for Adsense.

Step 5. Do not edit or change your website theme, edit blog posts, or edit pages until you get approval.

Step 6. Create all essential pages like us, contact us, disclaimer, privacy policy, cookie policy, etc.

Step 7. Do not create tags, categories before and after applying for Adsense.

Step 8. Keep your website free from any interaction (editing) for at least 4-5 days (A significant step)

Step 9. Do not use free WordPress themes while applying. Try to get premium themes for your blog for better results. You can easily get a GPL licensed premium theme for free. Google it.

Conclusion: These are the steps you can follow and fix your Google Adsense Valuable Inventory: Under Construction Error. Let us know if you still have any issues or need any kind of help related to Adsense or anything related to blogging.

If you need any help, feel free to comment below, and you can buy my services at Fiverr related to Google Adsense Approval, Content, or Web-related issues, or you can directly contact me here.

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