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How to Fix Scraped Content Error

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These days, a Dream of every beginner blogger is google Adsense approval, not the traffic, a sad truth. Anyways, let’s back to the topic.

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In this blog post, I share some of my personal methods to get rid of Google Adsense Valuable Inventory: Scraped Content Error.

This Adsense error occurs because of your poor content or copied content or spun content, or rewritten content in your own language.

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You have to make sure your content is completely original and adds some value to the internet. These days Adsense demands truly fresh, new, unique, different, and out-of-the-box content from you.


How to Fix Scraped Content Error

Step 1: If you are using copied, spun, rewritten content, remove it and start fresh. Before posting, make sure your content is 100% plagiarism-free. There are plenty of free plagiarism checker websites online, don’t rely on those fake websites.

Step 2: Don’t write short content in your initial blogging days. Try to post at least 400-500 Words per post. Use your own designed Image or copyright-free, don’t just copy and paste.

3: Post at least 15-20 blog posts before reapplying for Google Adsense. As you know that Adsense is a text-based advertisement network. You need content in text form to get approval.

4: Don’t use content from an article directory. It is a complete waste if you can put a reference link at the bottom of a copied content from an article directory.

5: Make sure your website theme is mobile responsive.

Here are some tips to How to Fix Scraped Content Error

6: Create all essential Adsense pages (Privacy policy, disclaimer, terms, and conditions, cookie policy, about us, contact us), navigation menus, logos, favicons, etc., before applying.

7: Create a sitemap and submit it to the Google search engine and bing search engine (Optional). Make sure all your content is indexed before reapplying.

8: If you are trying to get Adsense approval with lyrics, quotes, or similar kinds of niche, I suggest you change your niche; you’ll always end up with the scraped content error.

9: Make sure your website loading speed is under 6-7 seconds, and you are using a top-level domain.

10: Keep posting articles regularly until you get Adsense approval.

Conclusion: These are steps you can follow to get rid of this valuable inventory Scraped Content error easily. Content is the main culprit for this error. Keep working on your content, improving it, updating it frequently. At last, content is the king.

If you still have any doubt or queries, feel free to comment below, and you can buy services at Fiverr related to Google Adsense Approval, Content or Web-related issues Or directly contact me here.

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