May 29, 2024

  • A video of a cute little Nigerian baby keeping a stoned face has sent social media users into a frenzy
  • The kid’s dad was concerned that his baby boy was frowning and tried to talk him out of it, using breast milk as a bait
  • While some netizens marvelled at the kid’s ability to understand, others joked about the baby being in the wrong country


A Nigerian man got worried that his baby boy would not smile and screamed as he tried to change it.

In a funny TikTok clip, the man ordered the kid to stop frowning, threatening not to buy him breast milk.


Undeterred, the kid refused to smile and kept turning his head and eyes as it stole looks from the father to the mother.

The man did not give up until the kid forced a thin smile. The man tagged the smile a fake one and told the kid to give him a real one.

As if comprehending his dad’s request, the kid gave a different smile, quite to the man’s delight.

Watch the video below:

@oluwatobi2147 #makemyvideogoviral🥺❤️ #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #trending ♬ original sound – Tobiadelowo09


Reactions on social media

@strongchapter2 said:

”Personne dey thing of e problem u dey tell e smile ? who go happy born for Nigeria.”

@Blessing Obiajulu said:

“Pikin wey don plan him life for UK, una carry am come Naija.”

@lizzy said:

“I swear babies they hear from small.”

@MIMI said:

”For e mind na e go say I tell u make u no carry me come this country u no dey here word God.”

@Iamdinma said:

“He was like mummy will you stand there and let this man talk trash about me.”


“Dis pikin dey 17yrs e nor get wetin person wan tell me.”

@Starlight said:

“The way the child turned the head to see his father very well and eye hi.”


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