May 29, 2024

  • A video of a man feeding his dogs noodles and kebbies has stirred massive reactions among many people online
  • The man dutifully went through the process of cooking the noodles as he poured hot water into a big pot before serving the meal
  • TikTokers who watched his video said that the dogs are getting better food care than many people out there


A young Nigerian man has shared a video capturing the moment he prepared a big pot of noodles mixed with other condiments for his dogs.


At the beginning of the video, the man poured noodles into a big black pot. Afterwards, he added hot water and left it to boil. He also boiled kibbies and mixed them with the already-cooked noodles. The added bits of chicken and fish.


After stirring the food together, many people said it looked delicious. The young man served the noodles on different plates and took them to the dogs’ cages.


He fed his puppy only kibbies. While the pets were eating, he checked out for feeding aggression. Many said that dogs are even eating good food than them.


Watch the video below:

@drme69 Its been a while a made one of these!!!#foryoupage #viral #fyp #doglover #DogsOfTikTok ♬ Aesthetic – DJ Aurier



As of the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 1200 comments with more than 59,000 likes.

we compiled some of the reactions below:

Chi baby wondered:

“Why dog food come Dey hungry me?”

Austinecruise On IG said:

“When human been dey drink garri!”

doraxo__ said:

“These dogs are enjoying more than some people.”

Prisca Omah said:

“Awwww the small one has a different food.”

Olusanya Tomi said:

“They waited for the eat order.”


“Those dogs are well fed and loved! If y’all know how expensive it is to feed dogs?”

book said:

“That last born dog Dey enjoy ohh cocoa pops Abi Wetin be that.”

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