June 10, 2024

An adorable Ghanaian schoolgirl is trending after dramatically pouring out her emotions over a heartbreak song in a viral video on social media.


The pupil, believed to be about 5 years old, is captured passionately singing AK Songstress’ “Jonathan” song as though her lover had recently “served her breakfast”.


The trending video was filmed during a musical interlude at an unnamed school event held to entertain the kids. But it seems the lyrics of the song only brought back sad memories to the schoolgirl who found it prudent to let it out.


Although she wasn’t actually crying, she made everyone fall in love with how she resonated with the lyrics of the song.


The amusing clip has got many people asking “why Jonathan broke our little princess’ heart.”



Meanwhile, the composer of the song has mounted an online for the little girl for making her song trend again.

AK Songstress reposted the video originally posted on TikTok on her Instagram page and wrote: “Who can help me get intouch with this sweet little girl? Awww my heart”

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