May 20, 2024


A black woman @africanaunty01 has gone viral on social media after sharing a video on popular app, TikTok


The excited woman shared a video of her protruding belly and revealed that she got pregnant at nearly 60


Netizens have reacted massively to her video as several mothers wished for such to happen to them.


The trending video of a beautiful woman who got pregnant at nearly 60 has surprised people on social media.


The young woman named @africanaunty01 on TikTok shared a video of herself flaunting her baby bump.


In her caption, she said everyone thought she would be done with childbirth at 38, but nature had other plans for her.


She also claimed in the comments section that she stopped seeing her monthly flow 16 years ago.


In her words: “When they say have your children before 38, but at nearly 60 you have the shock of your life.


My period gone over 16 years. This is a Miracle and pension baby. Me and deek will forever be friends.”


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