May 29, 2024

Content marketing has completely changed the marketing world. As a result, you have millions of online content creators and marketers on social media and professional platforms. Video marketing, in particular, has changed sales processes, lead generation, and conversions. If you are a budding business and want to grow your online presence, video selling is a trend you want to hop on immediately.

Why should you take up video selling?

Here are a few reasons why video selling should be your top priority: 

Video boosts conversion rates

HubSpot suggests that including a video on your landing page can boost your conversions by 80%. Videos are more authentic and allow you to talk to the viewer, which is why you can compel your viewer into taking action. 

You can use video to give your potential customers a nudge to pick up your new product or service. This is primarily because you can convey emotions through a video, which is not always the case with blog posts and infographics. 

Videos work well with search engines

Search engines are always on the lookout for content that engages viewers. Videos seem to engage and entertain more viewers than any other form of content. Secondly, YouTube, the largest hub for videos on the planet, is a part of Google. Upload your video on YouTube and your website to grow your online visibility. Furthermore, cross-promoting your videos on different platforms do wonders. 

Videos are vital to your marketing campaigns

Most emails and newsletters get ignored or end up in the trash. It is improbable that your prospect will even open your email unless they feel compelled to do so. Spicing up your emails with videos can result in a 200-300% increase in click-through rates. This is mainly because videos are convenient to open and consume, and they are more entertaining than text emails. It is not surprising that tons of businesses use Gmail video to correspond with their prospects. 

Video helps you build trust and credibility

Considering the number of scammers and charlatans in the marketing world, it is vital to earning your prospect’s trust. Videos allow you to do that. As mentioned, videos help you convey emotions and make you seem more real than any other content type. The more videos you create to help your audience, the better your chances are of winning their trust. Also, talking to your prospect via video before sealing the deal makes all the difference. 

What video selling mistakes should you avoid?

Now that you have an idea of what video selling can do for you, here are a few commonly made mistakes that you should avoid as you go about your video marketing process: 

Not optimizing your video title for SEO

You need to include a catchy, interesting, curiosity-triggering title that grabs the viewer’s attention. If you do not do this, it will not matter how good your video is. You also need to include hashtags and tags for people to find your videos. In other words, poor Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a big mistake. Be sure to do your keyword research and include keywords in your video title and description. 

Being too sales-driven

Yes, you want to sell your content and your brand. However, doing too much, especially before trust and credibility, can land you in trouble. Instead, you want to take it step-by-step and find out what the audience wants before selling them anything. 

Excessively long videos

Yes, there is a time, place, and demand for long-form content. YouTube hosts tons of documentaries, webinars, speeches, and so forth. However, we live in a digital world with a deficient attention span, which means most people do not have the time, patience, or energy to sit through a potential snooze-fest. Instead, you should break down your videos and repurpose them time and again. 

Not cross-promoting your videos on other social media platforms

There are tons of social media platforms at your disposal. Signing up is free for all of them, yet most people stick to only one or two platforms. If you upload videos to your YouTube channel, be sure to share them on your Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and Twitter timelines. 

Your audience is most likely different on all the above platforms, which means you might get new viewers on your YouTube channel. Furthermore, you can use hashtags on Instagram and promote your content and brand more aggressively than on any other platform since Instagram seems to host the most action. 

Lack of planning

A lack of planning will hamper your growth on social media. You need to plan your content, which means identifying your niche and target audience and researching your content. Use as many references as possible to create your videos. 

Secondly, plan your finances as much as you can. The absence of a plan for your budget and a timeframe for your video production will be detrimental to your progress. 


There you have it – this article should give a glimpse of what to expect when you venture into the world of video marketing and selling. Video selling is here to stay, and everybody knows it. So, you might as well jump in on the trend and learn the tools of the trade to get the results you’ve always wanted. 

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