July 14, 2024

  • A video of a black man eating an African dish of swallow and soup while in a UK bus has stirred reactions on the net
  • The man who appeared hungry consumed the meal with his bare hands and did not care if he was being watched
  • While some people slammed the recorder of the clip for invading the man’s privacy, others marvelled at the man’s confidence


A black man was recorded eating swallow and soup with his bare hands while aboard a bus in the United Kingdom.

In a video that lasted a minute and some seconds, the recorded turned his camera around to reveal the night scenery as well as the scanty bus.


The man ate the meal like someone very hungry and did not care if he may be seen. His level of confidence was hailed by some netizens.

The clip which was seen on TikTok has elicited mixed reactions as many wondered how the man could do such in a bus.

Watch the video below:


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Reactions on social media

@adwoabee19 said:

“You guys need to leave him o. Maybe he was on his way to his 5th job of the day. He doesn’t have time to go home so he for chop.”

@sugartonic said:

“Someones husband or bf in abroad.”

@Vibes said:

“People eat chicken and chips on the bus and train,so let him enjoy his banku and okro soup wish I was the one eating it oooooooo.”

@Damilola Pattrik Ade said:

“I can’t enjoy my food on the bus . I feel like I would be rushing so it don’t come to my stop.”

@Momma KING said:

“Iftar in bus. From one shift to the other. God almighty crown the effort.”

@Blessed_bee said:

“I am sure he is going to clean his hands by rubbing the seat.”

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