June 15, 2024

  • A single lady has caused quite a stir in public as she took a desperate approach to get her love life started
  • Carrying a placard that spelt her intentions clearly, the lady moved in a circle on a spot as she displayed it courageously
  • Mixed reactions have trailed a video of the lady as many marvelled at how she could go towards actualising her aim


A beautiful single lady hit the street with a placard to express her desire at entering a relationship.

In a trending video seen on TikTok, the lady sported a red-fitted spaghetti gown and held the placard that reads “SINGLE and ready to MINGLE’ above her head.


She had a smile on her face like someone advertising a new product to potential customers. She moved in a circle and did not mind how people looked at her.

Her clip has stirred massive reactions on social media. While some thought she was chasing clout others were shocked that she could do such.

Watch the video below:

@bushra_sakshi Who is my guy?😂😂😂#fyp #bushrasakshi #singleandsearching #foryoupage ♬ Who is your guy dance challenge by the RAGz – TheRAGz


Social media reactions

@Reasonable said:

“Gender are afraid of other gender this days everyone wants to be by ownself, don’t want trouble.”

@noagbehenkel12 said:

“From this year on going, ladies will search mor than this.”

@Geraldoh said:

”Qualities of the man you need.

“Can we go for an ice cream date we get to know each more.”

@ifeanyiechefu said:

“Has scarcity of husband reach this extent??”

@Apeh Martin said:

“It have reaching to this level nawaoo sorry sister u will be fine soon.”

@@RMH said:

“Hmmmm, this is alarming, the rate at which men are scarce now is something else.”

@MARCOUS said:

“I’m from Uk come to me I’m also single and looking for a girl like you.”

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