July 19, 2024

A Nigerian youth corps member has sparked discussions on social media as he flaunted the N6,400 cash he received as a bicycle allowance at the NYSC camp, persuading his friends to join him in spending it lavishly at the Mammy market in the camp.

In the video rocking the air online, the young man was seen with his friends counting the money given to them as an allowance by their state coordinator.


After counting his own bicycle allawee, he showcased the money while calling on his friends, along with the girls, to join him in visiting the Mammy market in the camp.



In his words, “Shutting down Mammy market, 1 Dorime for every girl”.


Watch the video below:




The statement triggered the attention of many individuals concerned about the amount of money he received as an allowance. Some reactions are shown below:


Comzy said, “‎Be like they don increase am o cos na 1800 dem pay me o.”


ugly_boss 1 said, “‎abi na eye dey pain me? is this not obubra camp cross river state.”


nazirhabeeb said, “‎for Kubwa camp dat 6.4k na for 2 pesin, i heard that batch c2 na 10k be their bicycle allowance.”


Mordi Ebuka said, “na only that 6k Dem dey give una what of the 33k.”


user31830258480 said, “‎obubra camp u collect 6400 will collect 3400.”


Capaah said, “‎Cross river camp be this. I see shege here.”


Kike said, “Wen dem give u? Was it towards d end of camp.”


unusualpreshe said, “Omo my fyp just full with Nysc. I never even write my last semester exam yet.”

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