June 18, 2024

In a heartwarming display of generosity and celebration, Kcee and his brother Emoney have extended their gratitude and support to Ojazzy, the talented flutist known for his contributions to Kcee’s popular tracks “OjaPiano” and “OJAGINGER.”


Their gesture came in the form of a brand-new Toyota Corolla valued at 7 Million Naira, marking a momentous occasion for the young musician.



The news of this remarkable gift surfaced shortly after Ojazzy’s recent reconciliation with Kcee, signifying a renewed bond between the artists.


Days following their reconciliation, Ojazzy was pleasantly surprised with the birthday present from Kcee, receiving an awe-inspiring brand-new Corolla car, leaving many overwhelmed with joy at this remarkable act of generosity.


The generous gift not only symbolizes the appreciation and acknowledgment of Ojazzy’s talent but also marks a significant step in solidifying his relationship with Kcee and Emoney.



The gesture showcases the brothers’ unwavering support and belief in nurturing young talents within the music industry.


Watch the video below;


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