May 20, 2024


  • A video of a Nigerian lady backing her twin babies while hawking on the road has gotten people emotional
  • In a heartbreaking video, the lady carried the twin babies and ran along the road with so much agility and strength
  • Reacting to the video, netizens felt pity for her and many expressed their desire to help her with funds

Social media users have reacted massively to a sad video of a Nigerian mother of twins seeking a means of survival.


In a trending video, the woman was spotted hawking on the road with her twin babies.


The doting and hardworking mother carried one of the babies at her back with the other baby in front.


When asked to tell her story, the woman revealed that the father of the babies abandoned them shortly after they were born.


Social media users have penned down emotional comments regarding the video with many wishing to assist the poor mother.




@favecreativeconcept Happy new Month Umu Chukwu. Please,This innocent twins are too tender to be suffering under the sun. The love of a Mother, she chose to struggle hawking Pure water. Scorching sun that that hurts Adults, imagine how it will affect the health of an Infant. Camera might make them look big, but the Twins are looking unhealthy and malnourished. To confirm if she is their Biological Mother, I followed her for about an hour, watched her breastfeed them and put her wet towel on their forehead. Please 🙏🙏 can we take them out from the sun at-least for the next 2 months. Our first plan is to get a phone for Miracle(Mama Ejima) so people can be able to contact her. #GIVE_A_HANDUP #Tiktok please 🙏 I don’t have right to the music in this video bar ground “Do it” by Lopez. #creativehealthandhumanitarianfoundation. #DoitbyLopez ♬ original sound – Chiamaka Favour Obumma

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