July 14, 2024

A young lady living in the United Kingdom has taken to social media to share one of the struggles of living abroad.


In a video she shared on social media, the lady disclosed she works as a cleaner and often cries her eyes out because of the stress from work.


In the touching video, she breaks down in tears while noting that life abroad is not always as rosy as people believe. She says she has been working in a foreign country, and there is no enjoyment like everyone in her home country thinks.

Her words,
“This is me going to the toilet at work to cry my eyes out cause the job is too stressful that I want to give up. Everyone abroad is struggling. There is no enjoyment here like everyone thinks. God bless.”

Watch video below,

In other news, Canada kicked off their World Cup campaign on Wednesday evening and there were many players who were gracing the big stage for the first time.


One of these debutants was Sam Adekugbe, born in London, United Kingdom to Nigerian parents and his family moved to Canada when he was just Nine.

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