May 20, 2024


High school student has a tattoo? Take me to SA: A nice video has shown two female students who danced outside their classroom.


The video of the two beautiful dancers was posted on Instagram by @sa_vibes and it has gained serious traction on the platform.


The heartwarming clip, lasting only about 7 seconds, was posted on November 2, and has greatly entertained many people.


One thing that made the girls stand out was how they danced with accuracy and impressive uniformity. Their dance moves were measured and planned to go together without any form of mistake.


It appears the ladies had a rehearsal before taking to the dance floor.


Secondary school students dancing outside a classroom

The dance show by the students was done outside what looked like their classroom.


While one was wearing a pair of blue trousers and a shirt, the second girl was putting on a blue skirt and a short-sleeved white shirt.


Their amazing dance has caught the attention of Instagram users who expressed themselves in the comment section using fire emojis.


A particular comment by @mimiadimike said:


“High school student has a tattoo? Take me to SA.”


Watch the video below:


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