“Enough is Enough”: Baby Boy Reacts With Strong Face As Mum Wakes Him Up Early in the Morning, Video Trends

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A handsome baby was not totally pleased when his mother woke him up from a sweet early morning sleep

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In a stunning TikTok video posted by Tihesha Carter, the little boy’s facial expression left social media users amazed


The video has gone viral and garnered more than 600k likes, over 9k comments and close to 31k shares on TikTok alone


The video of a boy who reacted with a strong face when he was woken up from sleep has stunned TikTok users.


In the short but interesting video posted on TikTok by Tihesha Carter, the baby boy was busy enjoying his morning sleep when a noise from mum woke him up.


The mum entered the room and woke him up with a good morning song that he didn’t seem to like.


Although he did not cry, the way he looked at the woman showed someone who was very angry


His facial expression said a whole lot in the video that has stunned social media users. He looked like someone who wasn’t ready to get out of bed just yet.


Watch the video below:


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