June 10, 2024

Stephen Chledowski Video Speech By Canadian Army Major Went Viral On Twitter & Reddit, ZEE TV SA RE GA MA PA 12th FEBRUARY 2022, Today’s Full Episode, Written Update, Tribute To Lata Mangeshkar!

Stephen Chledowski Video Speech By Canadian Army Major Went Viral On Twitter & Reddit

VIDEO: Stephen Chledowski’s Twitter & Reddit Speech Went Viral: According to the publication, army commander Maj. Stephen Chledowski appeared in costume in a 10-minute walk film on Wednesday evening, accusing state and territorial officials of repression and betrayal of citizens’ freedoms. A prominent example is a Canadian Army soldier in New Brunswick who is being investigated for encouraging other service members and police officers to increase and have epidemic limits. Many countries continue to debate whether or not to ban vaccinations or outbreaks.

Stephen Chledowski Clip

They must be entrusted with the responsibility of serving. He refers to the Coronavirus vaccine as “mass carnage.” “I am now calling our army and police friends to rise up and protect their family members from such a govt healthcare dictatorship,” he stated in the video footage. “All who disregard such beliefs vandalise the very foundation of our organisation,” he concluded. The film was distributed via multiple platforms. He announced yesterday that the Canadian Forces are investigating and would take appropriate action.

Chledowski Stephen A Canadian Army Major Delivers a Video Speech

Chedowski is now serving in the military, according to Dan Le Bouthillier, a National Defence spokeswoman who indicated in an email that he is stationed at the 5th Canada Brigade Base Of Support Gagetown. “Obedience is a crucial principle that drives the efficiency of our government.” “The concept of the army being answerable to democratically elected politicians is a cornerstone of the contemporary republic,” he went on to say. He claimed that he was not inoculated and that he had served in a variety of army command positions.

ZEE TV SA RE GA MA PA 12th FEBRUARY 2022, Today’s Full Episode, Written Update, Tribute To Lata Mangeshkar!

He is merely an army commander based in Oromocto. N.B. Chledowski, who appears in army fatigues throughout the video, claims to still be in Iraq and has served in the army for more than two decades. “Our assigned officials have utilised terror, compulsion, money, coercion, and physical confrontations against us for the past two years in order to get agreement for specific repeated surgical treatments,” he stated. He alleges that the state and “liar” MPS have misled Canada about medical and regulatory frameworks designed to prevent the spread of covid.

Today’s Full Episode, Written Update, Tribute To Lata Mangeshkar: ZEE TV SA RE GA MA PA 12th FEBRUARY 2022, All of the rivals were outstanding, and they had given her greatest performance on this stage, with several of the competitors being well-known in their industries. This is a well-known singing competition, and it’s a terrific way to achieve one’s goals. Saregamapa is a very popular show, as we all know, and it is now showing on television with a high TRP. The rest of the season is as thrilling and entertaining.

12th February 2022 Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Anand Kumar, Helan Ji, and other celebrities are frequent guests. This year is no exception, and it’s going to be a fantastic year. Each of the finalists is a terrific vocalist with a different voice. Despite the fact that it was a happy event, everyone was heartbroken by her death. According to the propaganda, Zee TV’s famed singing tv show Saregamapa has designated next week as a memorial to Lata Mangeshkar, the considerably more accomplished and well-known vocalist.

Today’s Full Episode of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Neelanjana sings Lataji’s famed ballad “Lag Ja Gale” in the most recent edition, with her beautiful voice but with a passion that sends shivers down everyone’s spine. You get it, and she sang well, bringing the song to life. Asha Parekh is welcomed as a visitor on an edition of Saregamapa 2022, where she tells various experiences regarding Lata Ji, as well as revealing that Lata Ji has sung several tunes to her. Everyone congratulates her on her hard work.

He shows her photos of celebrities she has only seen on television and asks him who he wants to flirt with, to which she responds amusingly that she wants to romance them all. Asha praises him once more for his outstanding performance. Sharad Yadav would give an amazing rendition of “Tere Akhaon Ke Siva,” and the panellists would all praise him for it. Aditya Narayan, as featured in the most recent edition, would delight us all with his amusing chats.

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