July 14, 2024

Best Must Watch Anime Series

Today we bring an amazing must-watch anime series list. These Japanese animation series are viral all over the world. We have researched hundreds of anime series and come up with the best 80 must-watch anime for you.

Everything is categorized by specific genres such as action, romance, sci-fi, sports, drama, and many more.

If you want to get into the anime world, it would be great to start from a genre you love the most. You will find top-rated series such as One Piece, Naruto, or Attack on Titans, but many others are unknown to the general public. Below, you’ll find the best must-watch anime list of all time.

Best Must Watch Anime Series

We have categorized all the anime into 10 different genres. You can start watching your anime journey with your favorite genre.

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Best all time favorite anime series

These are some great anime series with a great storyline that will hook you from start to end.

1. Cowboy bebop

Cowboy Bebop has an unmistakable old-school style, where science fiction is mixed with characters inspired by detective movies. But this series went even further with a background that explored existentialism or loneliness, among other themes. Spike Spiegel is a former member of the Red Dragon crime syndicate who now pilots the Bebop ship alongside Jet Black to find rewards for the solar system.

His adventures take him from planet to planet, while his crew is completed with characters like Faye Valentine, Ed, and a dog named Ein. But his dark past haunts him, and the series delves into that most intimate aspect of the protagonist, which will be the cornerstone of the story. This anime, which ran for a year, only has 26 episodes.

2. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

If Cowboy Bebop is an anime classic, Fullmetal Alchemist is also a must-watch. This anime is the second adaptation of the story, more faithful to the original plot of the manga. The protagonists are two brothers who want to use the power of alchemy to resurrect their mother, who perished from an incurable disease. However, the process fails, and as a consequence, older brother Edward Elric loses his left leg, while Alphonse Elric loses his entire body.

Edward sacrifices an arm to place his brother’s soul in armor. So the two embark on an adventure to find the Philosopher’s Stone, an artifact to retrieve the bodies of the two young men. The path will not be without dangers, and the power of alchemy will accompany you on this journey. This anime is composed of 64 episodes in total, not counting the first adaptation.

3. Death note

This series was a true revolution with a totally original story that delved into the evil of the human being and ethics. Yagami Light is a brilliant student, but he comes across a notebook that will change his life completely one day. The Death Note is a black book owned by a shinigami who dropped it to Earth. With this notebook, the shinigami or gods of death can kill people by writing their names, so Light decides to create his perfect world.

Light begins by killing criminals to end crime, but the authorities begin to investigate these strange events. Detective L. tracks their movements to catch him, and the young student will be the play of hands. The series becomes a tense game of chess between the two protagonists while the detective waits for an error from the murderer.

4. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

The creator of Evangelion developed this science fiction story in a future where Earth is dominated by the Spiral King, who forces the population to live in underground villages. Humanity has no contact with the outside world, and earthquakes are a constant in their lives. So to expand the towns, they have excavators like Kamina and Simón, the protagonists of the story. They both enlist in a group, the Gurren Brigade, to fulfill their dream of surfacing.

Everything changes when Simon comes across an extraordinary device in the shape of a drill, which completely breaks the village’s peace by a violent intrusion of mechanoids. Already on the surface, they discover that the humans who reach the surface are attacked with these machines of the Spiral King’s army, which will cause a war between both parties.

5. Psycho-Pass

One of the crime series par excellence, but it is set in a dystopian future, where a person’s mental state can already be measured immediately. With this information, it is possible to know if a person will commit a crime thanks to a psychosomatic scanner that analyzes the brain’s activity or the biological functions of the body, determining the Psycho-Pass. This term is nothing more than a number associated with each individual and classified by color.

https://f137472655e7496a4f7c7e8bbf8f51a0.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html If the color is very dark, the crime coefficient index will be high, and therefore, they will be prosecuted by justice. This story brings out various philosophical themes while calling into question the ruling system in society. The agent of the law, Shinya Kogami, will have to manage the crime and pursue the main antagonist of the series.

6. Attack on titan

One of the anime series has achieved the most success on Netflix, although this genre is coming to the platform in a drip. From the beginning, it stood out for its curious plot that starred in very violent scenes. It is impossible to remain indifferent to this anime that takes place on Earth, where only a small percentage of the population survived the giants’ attack. Humanity lives in cities protected by great walls, although it has been more than 100 years since they have seen one of them.

One day, the village of Eren and his adoptive sister Mikasa is attacked by hundreds of these monsters, witnessing something terrible. A giant eats his mother, so Eren promises that he will slaughter all the titans, and they both enlist in the Scouting Corps, where they will work to become the best.

7. Darker than black

This series presents a story of mystery and supernatural phenomena, in which an impenetrable field known as Hell’s Gate appears in Tokyo. Because of this, the city loses the natural sky and stars, but other bright spots appear instead. Some people are affected by the phenomenon and gain psychic abilities at the cost of their conscience. That is, most lose emotions or behaviors such as empathy.

Many organizations are investigating these strange occurrences and competing with each other. The story centers on Hei, a young man with powers who works in the Syndicate organization. Together with his blind partner, Yin, he will carry out missions and operations assigned by the organization to discover the truth about what is happening in Tokyo.

8. Angel beast

Otonashi is the protagonist of this story. A young student who dies when he loses his memories of his life. After death, a secondary school awaits him for adolescents who have suffered in life or have had trauma that they have to fix. A kind of limbo to give them a second chance at life. Soon he joins a battalion known as SSS (Shinda Sekai Sensen) that fights against God because of the negative experiences they had in life.

Little by little, you will discover what your life was like and the reason for being in this limbo. Meanwhile, he lives and relates to other young people and even falls in love with Tenshi, better known as Angel. Angel Beast is an atypical teen series, but it’s worth checking out.

8 Best action anime series of all time

Here you will find really popular anime sagas in Japan and are ideal for those looking for a fairly high dose of action, with constant scenes of fights and spectacular battles that will take your breath away.

1. Kill la Kill

It only lasts 24 episodes, and the plot takes place in a high school, where students wear uniforms with a special power that improves their abilities. The protagonist is a 17-year-old girl named Ryuko Matoi, and she won’t stop until she finds out who killed her father. He wears a large scissor-shaped sword and a very powerful uniform.

It is said that Satsuki Kiryuuin, president of the student council of the Honnouji Academy, knows the identity of the woman who murdered Ryuko’s father, which is why the protagonist comes to this institute. Satsuki has used the power of the uniform to rule the school in fear and enforce her rules, but Ryuko will continually stand up to her to get the information she wants.

2. Sword Art Online

This anime has had many adaptations, video games, and even movies. The story is set in 2022, where young people play a massively multiplayer online role-playing video game (MMORPG) of virtual reality called Sword Art Online. Through a device capable of stimulating the 5 senses, players enter this world and control the avatars as if they were real life. But one day, they discover that they can’t get out of the game.

The game’s creator catches them and informs them that if they die in the game, they will die in real life. To escape, they have to complete the game consisting of 100 floors. Kirito and Asuna team up to get out of there as soon as possible, but they have to improve their skills and level up for this. Kirito becomes the most powerful swordsman that few can stand up to.

3. Log Horizon

In recent years, video games have inspired many series like Log Horizon. Again, the story centers on an online fantasy RPG called Elder Tales, which is very popular worldwide. At the launch of its twelfth expansion pack, 30,000 players are stuck. Everyone is transported to this virtual world and looks like their avatars.

Shiroe is a graduate student who creates a guild called Log Horizon and his friends, Naotsugu and Akatsuki. Together they will face many missions and challenges to survive in a lawless world. When they die, they reappear in the Cathedral of the last city they visited, but each time this happens, they lose a part of their memories, represented as experience points.

4. Akame ga Kill!

This anime is darker than the previous ones and is produced by Square Enix. The main character is called Tatsumi, a peasant well trained in the art of fighting. He and two companions leave their remote village to head for the Imperial City to find a way to relieve their friends and family from ruinous government taxes. He intends to join the army to earn money and save his people from hunger.

However, the Imperial City is full of corruption and evil. Tatsumi is ripped off immediately upon reaching the city and almost loses everything. Still, he encounters a group of assassins known as the Night Raid, a division of the Revolutionary Army that opposes the empire. He witnesses a horrible massacre in which his fellow travelers die, so he decides to join this organization.

5. One piece

Eiichiro Oda created this manganime in the 90s, and its duration can overwhelm anyone. It takes about 1000 episodes and follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a young pirate who wants to find the One Piece, a treasure hidden by the former King of the Pirates. Along the way, you will form a crew with characters who have their own personalities and abilities in combat. But what makes him different from Luffy is that he took a Devil Fruit that turned him into a rubber boy.

These fruits grant different powers to everyone who consumes them but makes them unable to swim. Luffy can stretch his limbs as much as he wants, so this will help him fight all the enemies he comes across. As a background to history, the World Government seems to hide details about what happened in the Void Century, a period of history for which no data is preserved.

6. Naruto

Naruto is feared and hated in his village because he has the Nine-Tailed Fox, a demon that killed many people 12 years ago. The young man wants to become the strongest shinobi to be the best Hokage in the Hidden Leaf Village, so the series focuses on training the protagonist while achieving his goals.

He first graduated from the Ninja Academy using his multi-shadow clone technique and later formed Team 7 and his friends Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. With practice, they will gain new skills and face other characters during the plot, so Naruto’s dream will have to wait.

7. Hunter x hunter

Gon Freecss discovers that his father is alive and has become one of the greatest hunters, an elite member of society licensed to do anything. Ging abandoned the little boy with his aunt Mito on Isla Ballena and is dedicated to tracking treasure, hunting exotic beasts, and even other people. His son decides to follow in his footsteps to become a hunter like him, so he takes an exam to overcome a series of challenges.

His goal is to find his father to prove that he is a hunter in his own right. The road will not be easy, but Gon has extraordinary abilities to deal with animals, a good sense of smell and sight. During the challenges, you will meet other characters who have their own reasons for becoming hunters.

8. Fairy tail

Fairy Tail is also a popular action fantasy series in which Lucy wants to be a magician specializing in celestial spirits. When he visits the city of Harujion, he meets Natsu, a young man who falls ill easily with any type of transport and a member of the Fairy Tail guild. He is always accompanied by a talking cat named Happy. Natsu offers to join the guild and reveals his magic specialized in slaying dragons.

Little by little, he meets various guild members, with whom he forms a team to carry out missions. Fairy Tail is as reputed as it is hated, so its members have many enemies. They will join forces and face many threats to prevent them from destroying this organization.

8 Best sci-fi anime series of all time

Before we talked about the purest action, in this category, we find niche animes with deeper and more complex stories, the kind that invites reflection. 

This does not mean that they are slow, too complicated since their plot structuring is really achieved, mixing moments of intense action with periods that invite you to use the coconut a little to understand what happens on screen.

1. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

This 25-episode series has a sequel and three compilation films released from the first seasons. It is set in the future in 2010 of the imperial calendar, where the Empire of Britannia invaded Japan using giant robotic weapons called Knightmare Frames. Japan is now known as Area 11, and its people as 11. A British man living in Japan at the time, Lelouch, swore to his Japanese friend Suzaku to destroy Britannia.

Years later, Lelouch is in high school but regularly skips classes to play chess and gamble with himself. One day, he runs into 11 terrorists who have stolen a military secret and is captured by a member of the British task force sent after them, Suzaku. When the rest of the squad arrives, Suzaku is shot for disobeying orders. At the same time, the military secret, a girl, gives Lelouch the power of Geass, causing anyone to obey any order.

2. Ghost in the Shell: SAC

The success of this science fiction series has led to its film adaptation starring Scarlett Johansson. It is set in a futuristic world, where the line between physical and digital life has been completely blurred. With the fusion of man and machine, a new cybernetic level of existence known as ‘ghost’ has been created. It is a human spirit that inhabits cyberbrains and can be transferred or implanted in cybernetic bodies preserving the original memories and personality.

Against this backdrop, Major Motoko Kusanagi and Leader Daisuke Aramaki, both from Public Safety Section 9, must pursue crimes committed in both the real world and the digital world. This department manages to infiltrate a geisha house to stop a hostage assault, and it has to chase a tank that is escaping from a government facility and follow the case of android suicides.

3. Gundam 00

The giant robots have legions of followers, especially in Japan, thanks to Mobile Suit Gundam that aired in 1979. Afterward, many new series of the franchise have followed, such as Gundam 00, which develops its activity in 2307. At this time, fossil fuels on Earth have been completely depleted, and humanity is turning to solar energy as a new energy source. However, not all countries can enjoy the benefits of this system, resulting in a war.

In the wake of the conflict, a mysterious military organization known as Celestial Being appears, dedicated to ending all wars using Mobile Suits called Gundam. The series follows the adventures and missions of a group of pilots known as Gundam Meisters as Setsuna F. Seiei, Lockon Stratos, Allelujah Haptism, and Tieria Erde as protagonists.

4. Ergo Proxy

The Ergo Proxy story takes place in a city called Rondeau, built in a dome shape to protect humanity as the world has become uninhabitable. The men live with androids known as AutoReivs, but they become out of control infected with the Cogito virus and begin to commit murders. Inspector Re-l Mayer begins to investigate the cause that has affected all these androids, which will lead her to rethink many philosophical questions about herself or the world where they live.

During the investigations, two unknown creatures with great power appear. Re-L Mayer discovers that the Proxy is involved, a secret humanoid form of the government that seeks the solution to save humanity. The protagonists will have to travel through many cities to find the meaning of Proxy, as well as its true objective.

5. Steins Gate

Although Steins; Gate takes place in real places in Akihabara, the story is pure sci-fi ideal for science lovers. It is 2010, and the self-proclaimed “Mad Scientist” Rintaro Okabe believes that an international organization is conspiring to reshape the world per its own interests. He and his friend Itaru Hashida secretly create a device capable of sending messages to the past, an instrument that becomes the catalyst for fundamental alterations to the present.

What they do not imagine are the consequences of their discovery, completely altering the timeline. Rintaro will have to find a way to return to the original timeline since he is the only one who cannot be affected by the changes that occurred in the experiments, so he also remembers everything that happened.

6. Serial Experiments Lain

This anime is a few years old and only consists of 13 episodes, but at the time, it was an advanced series that touched on philosophical issues such as reality or identity. The protagonist is Lain Iwakura, a seemingly ordinary girl with almost no experience with computers. However, the sudden suicide of a schoolmate and a series of strange events conspire to lead Lain to the world of Wired, where she gradually discovers that nothing is what it seems, not even herself.

His obsession with discovering the truth prevents him from leading a normal life. But he discovers a mysterious Psycho chip that allows him to enter Wired freely, where he becomes a kind of god. Everything around him changes when men in black begin to guard his house, as do hackers known as Knights. Little by little, Lain loses interest in living in the real world.

7. Texhnolyze

Texhnolyze takes advantage of every minute of the 22 episodes that comprise it, presenting a mysterious and disturbing setting for the viewer. In a manufactured underground society, the descendants of an outcast generation vie for control of the ruined city of Lux. The protagonist named Ichise, an orphan turned fighter,

loses a leg and an arm in a fight, but is taken in by a young doctor who uses him as a guinea pig for the next evolution of Texhnolyze.

Then he implants prosthetic parts with biomechanical parts and is now under the command of Onishi, leader of an organization with some control over Lux. Chaos seizes the city as the secrets of the most powerful organizations are discovered, so young Ichise is immersed in a war for territorial control. What is Lux really hiding?

8. Planetes

Set in the year 2075, this anime puts the spotlight on humanity’s space race. At this time, man can travel between the Earth, the Moon, and space stations as part of daily life. However, this evolution has also created a serious problem with space debris, which can cause excessive and even catastrophic damage to spacecraft and equipment. The story centers on a group of astronauts from the Technora space station who can collect this debris.

But that will not be the only drawback of the human being because as a result of the colonization of Mars in the year 2058, a terrorist organization called the Space Defense Front appeared. This group opposes the colonization of other planets due to the pollution generated, so they will be a new obstacle that the protagonists will face.

8 Best suspense and horror anime series of all time

Undoubtedly, along with action and magic, this is one of the most explored categories in anime and includes popular horror sagas such as Berserk or Hellsing Ultimate to stories of a more psychological nature such as Elfen Lied or Monster. 

If you are a sensitive person who finds it difficult to see gore scenes or extreme violence, this category is not for you. Be careful. In these animes, there is no gratuitous or morbid violence. Still, it is used as a vehicle to tell the dramatic stories of its protagonists, generally plugged into a spiral of hatred, destruction, or revenge that awakens their murderous instinct.

1. Parasyte

It took 20 years since its completion for Parasyte to get a television adaptation. The story stars Shinichi Izumi, a normal 17-year-old high school boy who lives in Tokyo. But one day, worms called parasites invade the Earth and enter human bodies. A parasite named Migi tries to reach Shinichi’s brain through his right arm while sleeping but notices and prevents it.

The parasite stays on the young man’s arm and develops a symbiotic relationship, so Shinichi maintains his consciousness and personality. The threat is growing, so humans want to kill these alien beings. Shinichi is forced to fight other parasites while trying to survive alongside Migi.

2. Monster

Doctor Kenzo Tenma’s life changes completely in one day. Tenma is the best neurosurgeon at Memorial Esler Hospital in Dusseldorf in the ’80s. He has it all in life. But the promising future with his fiancee Eva Heinemann is cut short by his own decisions. Tenma disagreed with the hospital’s policy, which mandates the priority of patients with the highest public relevance until one day the mayor suffers a thrombosis and needs to be operated on.

Doctor Tenma decides to operate on a young man seriously injured by a gunshot to the head, who had entered before the mayor. He finally saves his life, but the mayor dies. Tenma is fired for disobeying orders, and Eva decides to abandon him. The story becomes more complicated when the doctors who benefited from his dismissal appear slowly dead, so the main suspect is Tenma, who returns to the hospital.

3. Fate / Zero

This is the prequel to Fate/stay night, so it takes place 10 years before those events. The plot of the series centers on the events of the Fourth Holy Grail War in the city of Fuyuki. This war is a ritual in which seven magicians called Masters to summon seven heroic spirits known as Servants. The latter will fight each other to get the Holy Grail that can grant any wish.

The Einzbern family wants to get the Holy Grail back, sending a mage killer as a representation. Emiya Kiritsugu is a mercenary known for his tactics, but for the first time, he will feel torn between the love they have for his family and the goal he has to fulfill in the Fourth Holy Grail War.

4. Berserk

Berserk’s new screen adaptation has been a success. The series is set in medieval times, in which the protagonist named Guts serves as a member of a group of mercenaries. He is known as The Black Swordsman and is a young orphan who hunts demons called Apostles. The first part of the anime narrates childhood and youth until he meets Griffith, the leader of the Gang of Falcon. He is an intelligent and ambitious man, but together they make their way to the royal court, where he completely changes their lives.

The second part, created in 2016, begins in the Punishment saga in chapter 115 of the manga. The characters Puck, Isidro, Farnese, and Serpico, the Knights of the Holy Chain, are introduced. They look for him because they suspect that Guts is an evil character of whom a prophecy speaks.

5. Elfen lied

An elementary series to watch since it only has 13 episodes. The plot centers on the Diclonius, a mutated homo sapien selected by God and who apparently will become the destruction of humanity. This species has two horns on its head and vector receptors that provide telekinetic abilities to cut materials as hard as metal. Due to this dangerous power, the Diclonius are captured and locked in laboratories by government order.

One of the prey is Lucy, a young and psychotic Diclonius, who manages to free herself and brutally murder most of the guards in the laboratory. However, he is shot in the head while escaping. She survives and manages to go to the beach, where Kouta and Yuka discover two teenagers. Lucy has lost her memories but will soon discover that her psychotic version is still alive.

6. Hellsing

The first part of the anime is based on the 1997 manga, but the rest is created exclusively for the animated series. The story stars Alucard, a powerful vampire captured by the Royal Protestant Knights, an organization founded by Abraham Van Hellsing. Now run by his daughter Sir Integra, the Valentine brothers attack Hellsing’s headquarters, and the troops are massacred.

The series has a very dark tone, and the characters commit all kinds of atrocities. The Organization has to protect the country from the attacks of the vampires to exterminate them. Alucard and Seras Victoria, a police officer, turned vampire by the protagonist himself, will be in charge of facing all threats, including a new breed of vampires that begins to emerge.

7. Tokyo ghoul

This horror story takes place in Tokyo, where mysterious deaths are taking place by ghoul s, beings that survive on human flesh. Ken Kaneki is a college student bookworm who meets a girl named Rize at a cafe he frequents. They are the same age and have the same interests, so they quickly become more than just friends. However, Kaneki discovers that Rize is a ghoul, and he attacks him in an alley.

He is seriously injured but manages to save his life. He receives an organ transplant from Rize, becoming a ghoul as well. At that time their life changes completely, as humans chase them. He tries to lead a normal life and discovers that coffee is the only thing that ghouls stomachs tolerate. Little by little, he will face the reality of the human being seen from the perspective of the ghouls.

8. Mirai Nikki

This series is also known as Future Diary and consists of 26 episodes. Its protagonist is Yukiteru (Yuki) Amano, a lonely and introverted young man who never interacts with people. Instead, he prefers to keep a diary on his mobile phone, his only companion being an imaginary friend named Deus Ex Machina, the God of Time and Space. He soon discovers that Deus is more real than he thought and not a figment of his imagination.

Deus makes him a participant in a battle royale with eleven others. Within this game, contestants are given special diaries that can predict the future for the next 90 days, and each diary has unique characteristics that give it both advantages and disadvantages. Yukiteru participates in a deadly tournament, where he must fight to survive.

8 Best adventure anime series of all time

As the name suggests, these anime tell odyssey, adventure, and exploration in the broadest sense of each term. Almost all place their plots in non-contemporary times that invite you to travel to other places and other times and, even, to other mental spaces. 

Many of these anime have a prototypical development of events. The protagonists feel the desire to start a journey for various reasons, and from there, all kinds of things happen.

1. Mushishi

This series is set in an imaginary time between the Edo and Meiji periods. It focuses on living beings called Mushi (Japanese for insects), but they are not animals or plants. Their existence and appearance are unknown to many, and only a few humans know about them. The protagonist is a Mushi Master named Ginko who is dedicated to investigating this strange creature. On his journey, he meets people who have experienced supernatural events that are related to Mushi.

Ginko is a young boy with a supernatural green eye who can see various types of Mushi and attracts them. Due to this ability, he constantly wanders and smokes to keep them away. Ginko takes items related to the Mushi when solving a case and then sells them to collectors.

2. Spice & Wolf

It barely gathers 25 episodes between its two seasons. The story revolves around Kraft Lawrence, a 25-year-old street vendor who travels from town to town selling and buying for a living during a medieval period. His goal in life is to earn enough money to open his own store, but one night in the city of Pasroe, he finds a 250-year-old pagan deity named Holo in his car. She looks like a 15-year-old girl but has a wolf’s tail and ears.

She presents herself as the harvest goddess of the city who has kept it blessed with good wheat crops for many years. Despite looking after the town, she wants to return to her homeland in the north called Yoitsu because she believes that the people have already abandoned her and that she has kept her promise to maintain good crops. So together, they start a journey, where they will have to be discreet.

3. Baccano!

Baccano is an Italian word that translates to “stupid shock.” The charm of this series is that it tells many stories that eventually intersect and intersect with each other, but every time it is all out of control. In the late 1930s, the Flying Pussyfoot transcontinental train begins its journey in Chicago and will leave many fatalities along the way. At the same time, in New York, the ambitious scientist Szilard and his assistant Ennis search for the missing bottles of the elixir of immortality.

Aboard the Advena Avis in 1711, the alchemists are about to know the price of immortality. Meanwhile, the war between gangster groups has broken out, so all these seemingly unrelated elements blend perfectly in a world straight out of pulp movies.

4. Samurai Champloo

If you like the samurai style and all that goes with it, Samurai Champloo presents a story focused on various warriors. On one side is Mugen, a 20-year-old who is always looking for a fight and has a unique style inspired by Buying (break-dance) and capoeira. Mugen wanders the city aimlessly when he stumbles upon a teahouse where he meets Jin and Fuu, a waitress looking for the samurai who smells like sunflowers. She will convince them both to help her on her quest.

On the other hand, Jin is a samurai with a more traditional fighting style. He always has a healthy rivalry with Mugen, but the two young men are arrested for being executed the next day until Fuu saves them from that fate. The series will tell about this long journey that will take them through darker paths to discover the true nature of the protagonists.

5. Shingeki no Bahamut

This series has 36 episodes in its first two seasons. It is set in Mistarcia, a magical world where humans, gods, and demons live together. In the past, the black and silver winged Bahamut threatened to destroy Earth, but humans, gods, and demons overcame their differences to fight together and seal their power. To guarantee this prison, the key to that seal was broken in two, so one half was given to the gods and the other to the demons so that they would never be united.

However, fate will again be altered by the differences between demons and humans. The former is fed up with being treated as slaves, but also the gods conspire to be worshiped by humanity again. A new catastrophe is approaching because a woman has stolen half of the key of the gods. A group of demons, gods, and humans will unite to solve the chaos.

6. Eureka 7

This mecha anime has 50 episodes, and the action takes place in the distant future of Earth. Specifically 10,000 years after the 21st century. Humans suffered a mysterious phenomenon known as “Summer of Love,” but scientist Adrock Thurston gave his life to protect humanity. Their son Renton is 14 years old and lives with his mechanic grandfather in a backward town. His dream is to be part of the mercenary aircraft pilots Light Search Operation (LFO) called Gekkostate.

Holland is the leader of this group, and his objective is to contact the Coralians, beings on whom the United Federation is going to declare war. Renton will join this organization and meet a girl named Eureka, who pilots an original LFO. Together they are invincible, and the series will delve into the history of all these characters as they try to avoid a greater catastrophe.

7. Akatsuki no Yona

Known in Spanish as Yona, Princess of the Dawn, this series tells the only princess of the Kouka Kingdom. He lives a happy life in the palace, where he has everything. She is in love with her cousin Soo-won, despite her father’s opposition to their getting married. Her life is turned upside down when Soo-won murders her father and steals his throne. With her childhood friend and bodyguard Hak, Yona must retreat to gather allies and claim her place as the rightful heir to the kingdom.

According to the legends, Yona will start a journey to find the legendary 4 dragons who founded the Kingdom of Kouka. For the first time, he moves away from his comfortable life to face a harsher reality than he imagined. Now that you have lost everything, you will have to take charge of your own life.

8. Magi

Inspired by the tales of One Thousand and One Nights, Magi is set in a fantasy world from the Middle Ages where slavery exists. There are a series of dungeons, some very tall towers that appeared out of nowhere 14 years ago. Whoever conquers these dungeons becomes rich and powerful. The protagonist is called Ali Baba, a teenager who works for merchants to support himself. His dream is to conquer many dungeons and become a wealthy person.

One day he meets a young man who has a mystical flute with supernatural powers. His name is Aladdin, and he is 10 years old and the son of King Solomon and Queen Sheba. He is a mage, a magician capable of gathering the rukh around him for his own use, but there is also an evil mage at the head of a mysterious organization called Al Thamen. The protagonists will travel together to find out their dark claims.

8 Best sports anime series of all time

This anime group also has a fairly straightforward structure, focusing on the athletic possibilities, life, and achievements of groups of athletes who want to reach the top of the podium worldwide. Far from being uninteresting, series like Kaikyuu, Cross Game, or Kuroko no Basket presents us with well-constructed protagonists and a dynamic of dialogues and very credible interconnected stories.

1. Fighting Spirit (Hajime no Ippo)

Author Jōji Morikawa created this manga out of his great admiration for Ricardo López, a boxer who won his first world title in Japan and retired undefeated with 51 wins and a draw. The protagonist of this story is called Ippo Makunouchi, a rather shy high school student who doesn’t have many friends. One day, bullies from school beat him on his way home, but a famous boxer Takamura appears, who helps him and takes him out of there.

Already in his gym, Ippo regains consciousness. Takamura encourages him to take some punches, and the boxer sees that Ippo has the skills to dedicate himself to it, so he lends him some videos of Mike Tyson. Since that time, Ippo trains and learns everything about boxing to become the best professional boxer.

2. One Outs

The One Cuts plot centers on the weakest team in the Paradice league. Hiromichi Kojima, the Lycaons’ star hitter, heads to Okinawa to train and get out of a losing streak. There, he meets Toua Tokuchi, a 134km / h pitcher and the undisputed king of a baseball game called “One Out,” where a pitcher makes a bet against a batter, and the winner takes the money raised. Tokuchi trounces him, but Kojima, far from giving up, ups the ante.

Kojima beats him and encourages him to join the Lycaons. However, Kojima makes a One Out-style deal with the owner of The Lycaons that will earn him 5,000,000 yen for every out he throws, but he will lose 50,000,000 yen for every point they make.

3. Initial D

Takumi Fujiwara is a high school student who works at a gas station during the day and as a delivery boy at a tofu shop at night. He is charged with taking the cast to a hotel on Mount Akina at the wheel of his father’s car, a Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 GT-Apex. One day, a team of street racers shows up in Akina to challenge the local team, but on the way back, one of the leaders of the Redsuns is completely overtaken by Takumi’s Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 GT-Apex.

Keisuke Takahashi becomes obsessed with it and wants to challenge the driver of that car. Despite Takumi’s disinterest in cars, he is persuaded by the home team to come to the race against Takahashi, where he will truly demonstrate his driving skills to the surprise of his friends.

4. Ping Pong the Animation

Two childhood friends are talented athletes and aspiring table tennis players from Katase High School. Makoto “Smile” Tsukimoto and Yukata “Peco” Hoshino have a promising future, but Peco is defeated by an exchange student from China and stops playing altogether.

However, Smile is unable to beat Peco after what has happened to him. Coach Jō “Butterfly” Koizumi has high Smile expectations, so he will try to motivate him to overcome that psychological barrier and beat Peco at Ping Pong.

5. Ace of diamond

This baseball manganime is much more current than One Out, airing in 2020. It is the story of a baseball pitcher named Eijun Sawamura who joins the elite school that could give him a chance to compete in nationals. Sawamura has a special technique, as he unusually naturally changed casting. The first season follows the Seidou school team and their main rivals, while Sawamura fights in the Summer Tournament to qualify for the nationals.

Instead, the second season focuses more on the team and its members, where Kazuya Miyuki has become a brilliant receiver. Along with the rest of the team, they fight for the Japan Koushien Championships with hard work to convince Coach Kataoka that he doesn’t have to quit.

6. Kuroko no basket

Literally in Castilian Kuroko’s basketball, this series follows the trajectory of the Teiko High School basketball team. These students became the best team after winning the tournament for three consecutive seasons. Due to their successes, the 5 members of this team are known as “The Miraculous Generation,” but they soon discover that there is a “sixth ghost player,” although no one knows him.

This mysterious player, Taika Kagami, returns from America to enter Seirin High School, where he meets Tetsuya Kuroko, a young man who plays basketball. Kagami is surprised that Kuroko is bad enough at basketball, so since then, his goal is to lead Seirin to be the best team in Japan alongside “The Miraculous Generation.”

7. Haikyuu !!

This series is the most popular in recent years. Young Shōyō Hinata started playing volleyball after seeing the popular player “Little Giant” who played the sport in elementary school. Shoyo manages to found his own club and gathers 5 members with whom he trains hard whenever he can. However, his beginnings are not good, and he suffers a humiliating defeat in his first and last tournament in high school at the hands of his rival Tobio Kageyama, “The King of the Court.”

Shoyo doesn’t give up and promises that he will get revenge on Kageyama. He enters the volleyball team at Kurasuno High School, where surprisingly Kageyama is also. The two players will have to put aside their rivalry to take their team to the nationals. Along the way, they will discover that together they make a legendary combination that is difficult to beat.

8. Cross Game

In this series, sports and love are mixed in equal parts. Koh Kitamura is a fifth-grader who lives next door to the Tsukishima family, a Batting Center and Clover Cafe. The relationship between the two families is so close that his girlfriend Wakaba is the second daughter of the Tsukishima. But it’s the little daughter who is a baseball prodigy and can’t stand her sister. Aoba is jealous of their spending together, while Koh secretly trains to be a better player than Aoba.

One day, tragedy strikes the Tsukishima family. Aoba will help Koh Kitamura be the best player to pitch at the legendary Koshien Stadium, home of the national high school championship final. The road will be long, but together they will forge a competitive team and more than just friendship.

8 Best comedy anime series of all time

In this category, you will find very diverse animes with very different dynamics. Still, comedy, laughter, and madness are the central elements that hook the viewer not to let it go away. 

In these series, the approach to the plot is also simple (there are many with profound stories that do not make them lose their hilarity) but really rich in nuances and in arguments that seem almost impossible due to their absolutely shocking and unexpected situations that will make you die, of laughter.

1. Gintama

A year ago, the manga publication ended, and its anime accumulates more than 300 episodes. The story took place in Japan’s Edo period when aliens called Amanto to invade Earth, dominate the nation’s government, and prohibit swords by samurai who were defeated during the conquest. They exploit the country as if it were a factory, using the natives as workers. The main character is called Gintoki Sakata, and he is an unusual samurai.

She has silver hair, and she loves everything sweet and Shonen Jump. Gintoki helps a teenage boy named Shinpachi Shimura save his sister from a group of aliens who wanted to make her part of a brothel. The two rescue Kagura, an alien girl from the powerful Yato clan. Together they have an odd job business, though it doesn’t always go as planned.

2. Nichijou

The plot of Nichijou: My Ordinary Life is quite absurd. Follow the adventures of three normal girls as they learn their most important lessons the hard way. Yuko Aioi is too lazy to do her homework, so she always ends up copying from her classmates Mio or Mai. For her part, Mio Naganohara is known for her tantrums, and Mai Minakami has extraordinary talents for a girl her age: projectile throwing, fishing, or arm wrestling.

Meanwhile, a teacher makes life difficult for Nano, a robot who just wants to be normal. But normal is the last thing you can expect in a city where salmon falls from the sky, a cat talks, and a boy drives a goat to school. In fact, the only thing you can count on is your friends, but even they are infrequent.

3. Nichibros

Known in English as Daily Lives of High School Boys, this series brings together the daily lives of young students with absurd or strange situations around them. Follow the story of Tadakuni, Hidenori, and Yoshitake as they go through daily life at Sanada North High School, and each episode is a new wacky adventure. Many unique things and situations happen to them, but the viewer may or may not feel identified with this series.

For example, Tadakuni is good at telling ghost stories, while Hidenori always drags his friends to do his crazy tricks. The Sanada North school only accepts children, so the protagonists are uninhibited, which is why they often do silly things, tell stories, or plan how to get a girlfriend.

4. Shirobako

Shirobako’s story features 5 girls, high school students, trying to find success in the anime industry through writing, producing, or dubbing. After creating an anime for the culture festival, the girls promise to boost their careers in the animated film industry to make a professional version of their anime together one day. Therefore, the plot focuses on the concerns and difficulties of the 5 friends in their respective jobs.

Especially Aoi Miramori, who starts working at Musashino Animation but quickly realizes that there is much more to anime production than she had ever known. The five girls support each other as they work through their various careers as animators, voice actresses, or 3D graphic designers.

5. The Devil is a Part-Timer!

Sadao Mao’s life takes an unexpected turn. The protagonist of this story is Satan Jacob (Sadao Mao), the Demon King of Ente Isla, and he lives in a world of magic. His goal is to dominate the world, but he is defeated by the heroine Emilia Justina, so he is forced to escape from that dimension. He lands in present-day Tokyo and changes his form to humans, losing some of his abilities. He will have to face the daily life of a normal boy like everyone who lives in this world.

Oddly enough, Sadao begins to enjoy human customs, so little by little, his ruthless personality changes. The only way to get her magic back is by absorbing human pain and suffering, but now she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. His general Alsiel accompanied him on the trip and is researching to regain his magical powers for good.

6. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun

Chiyo Sakura is a high school student who has a crush on her schoolmate Nozaki. One day, she tells him her feelings, but Nozaki thinks she is a fan and gives her an autograph due to a misunderstanding. Umetaro Nozaki actually leads a double life because he is a mangaka named Sakiko Yumeno, the creator of a romance manga for girls. On the contrary, the boy has not lived any love stories like the ones he tells in his stories.

Nozaki invites Chiyo to her house, where she discovers her true identity. So she decides to become his personal assistant to be closer to him. He begins to meet Nozaki’s extravagant friends and often confuses the feelings that Nozaki may have towards her, generating absurd situations.

7. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

This series is also known as Haruhi Suzumiya, the name of the protagonist. She is a student who can unconsciously change reality with her follies since, according to her, “she has no interest in ordinary humans.” She founded a club at school to investigate mysterious happenings and ask aliens, time travelers, speeders, or espers to join her. Her classmate Kyon witnesses her friend’s strange behavior but recruits three members to her club.

They all have something strange and mysterious, but they soon discover that they are the extraordinary beings that Haruhi asked for so much. Their respective organizations have sent them to observe the young woman. Yuki Nagato is a humanoid interface, Mikuru Asahina is a time traveler, and Itsuki Koizumi escapes paranormal powers. And everyone has a reason to be there.

8. No Game No Life

If you like video games, this anime is made for you. It tells the story of a pair of players known collectively as “Blank” (a combination of their two names, written in their native language Sora and Shiro), so named because their username is blank. One day they are transported to another world called Disboard by the god of games, where violence is forbidden. So all matters are solved through games, but humanity is on the brink of extinction.

In this world, there are 16 kinds of races, the last being humans for not using magic. As the series progresses, the viewer will learn more about the brother’s Sora and Shiro as they work their way to the end with a series of increasingly complicated and deadly games.

8 Best romance anime series of all time

Like in real life, romance anime includes incendiary love triangles, tragicomic dramas produced by teenage obsession.

1. Toradora!

The story of Toradora! Stars a high school student who wants to fit in. Despite Ryuji Takasu’s kind personality, his eyes make him look like an intimidating criminal. The class rearrangements in his sophomore year put him together with his best friend, Yusaku Kitamura, and the girl he’s secretly in love with, Minori Kushieda. Along with these two comes Kushieda’s best friend, Taiga Aisaka. She loves Kitamura, so Taiga agrees to help Ryuji with his love interest as long as he helps her get closer to hers.

Taiga takes advantage of the situation to make him her personal servant, so he ends up doing all the household chores for her (cooking and cleaning). Taiga spends so much time at Ryuji’s house that rumors begin to appear about a possible relationship between them at school.

2. Oregairu

Hachiman Hikigaya is an antisocial high school student with no friends or a girlfriend, and as a result, he has a distorted view of life. When he sees his classmates talking enthusiastically about their teenage lives, he mutters that they are liars. When asked about his future dreams, he answers, “no work.” His past experiences have made him colder with people, but a teacher gets Hachiman to join the “volunteer service club” to have more contact with other classmates.

There he meets Yukino Yukinoshita, the prettiest girl in school and as lonely as Hachiman. Both will help each other deal with problems, but thanks to the club, they meet other students like Yui Yuigahama, the most outgoing and cheerful girl in school who falls in love with Hachiman.

3. Nana

This series presents more mature characters who are going to start a new stage in their lives. One of the protagonists is Nana Osaki, an ambitious young woman with a strong will and a tough past. She is the lead singer of a punk band called the Black Stones and desires fame and recognition more than anything else. Her boyfriend Ren Honjo left the band to be Trapnest’s new guitarist in Tokyo. But Nana realizes that he will only be a shadow by her side and decides to leave him to focus on her career.

However, he meets Nana Komatsu, a young woman who wants to find love and get married on his journey. Both decide to be roommates and discover that they have more things in common besides the name. The anime focuses on their feelings, love affairs, and how they manage to achieve their dreams.

4. Nisekoi

As a child, Raku Ichijo made a secret promise to his childhood sweetheart, keeping a pendant as a souvenir, and she kept the key. He dreams of reuniting with the girl while getting the best grades in high school. Despite his aspirations to an elite university, Raku is the son of the city’s yakuza chief, so he is the rightful successor. He doesn’t really want to belong to that world and is forced to have a relationship with the daughter of a rival gang’s boss.

Chitoge Kirisaki is a violent girl who hates weak people like Raku. But to avoid a massacre between the two gangster groups, the two young men will have to simulate their love. Along the way, they will meet people who will try to discover the truth about their false courtship.

5. White Album 2

Unlike most animes, White Album was an adult visual novel developed by Leaf for the PC, and later a version for PlayStation 3 would arrive. White Album 2 is the sequel, the chapters of which were released for PC, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita. That same year they produced the anime that is composed of 13 episodes. The story takes place 10 years after the events of the first video game. The anime follows the lives of several students, such as Haruki Kitahara or Setsuna Ogiso, among others.

With only thirty days left until the cultural festival, Haruki Kitahara, a member of the light music club, has to find a way to make his dream of performing a song come true on stage, but he has no band. All its members have left it. So he manages to recruit Setsuna Ogiso and Kazusa Touma, two talented students. Setsuna confesses her love to Haruki, and the two begin a relationship.

6. Nodame Cantabile

The protagonist of this series is 22 years old. He is one of the best piano students in his university and an excellent violinist, but he wants to become a conductor. Due to his arrogance, Shinichi Chiaki argues with his teacher and is put in a class of “losers,” according to his point of view. Now he sees fewer possibilities to achieve his dream as losers surround him. However, he meets a rather peculiar girl named Megumi Noda ‘Nodame’ with whom he establishes a relationship.

Nodame thinks she is Chiaki’s girlfriend, but Chiaki only sees her as an obstacle to achieving his goal, doesn’t he? The series will not only talk about the difficulties Chiaki encounters on her way, but she will have to overcome her phobia of airplanes and ships that prevent her from continuing her training abroad.

7. Bakemonogatari

Bakemonogatari does not follow the daily adventures of an ordinary high school student. Instead, the protagonist has been turned into a vampire during the spring. Koyomi Araragi tries to get back to normal before he was turned into a vampire. Meme Oshino helped him become human again, although he still has some vampire characteristics because he continues to give blood to the vampire who converted him to survive. He can see in the dark and heals faster than a normal human.

During the series, he meets other protagonists who experience different supernatural problems, so Koyomi helps them selflessly. The young man meets Hitagi Senjogahara, a student who weighs nothing. Not only does he try to help her, but she ends up falling in love with him.

8. Kokoro Connect

This anime revolves around the daily lives of 5 students from Yamaboshi High School. Taichi, Iori, Himeko, Yoshifumi, and Yui created the Cultural Research Club because the high school did not have a club where they wanted to enter. Young people lead normal and happy lives, but something happens that will change their relationship forever. One day they experience sudden changes, a phenomenon that randomly swaps their bodies without any apparent cause.

This circumstance will give rise to many misunderstandings and comic situations between the protagonists, who will also discover their true feelings. Each has its own personality, but this phenomenon ruins their lives, exposing their unspeakable secrets through body changes and impulses.

8 Best drama anime series of all time

Here are the best must-watch drama anime series of all time.

1. AnoHana

Tragedy separates a group of friends when Meiko Honma dies in an accident. Jinta Yadomi was the group leader when they were children, but now he has neglected his performance in high school and lives locked up at home until something unexpected happens in his life. Yadomi begins to see Menma’s ghost, as her friends called her, but he is the only one who can interact with her. Menma asks her friend to fulfill her wish when she was a child, although now she has forgotten.

Yomi is forced to gather the entire group of friends to determine the last promise Menma made. Removing all the past will not only have consequences for its protagonists but many secrets and feelings of young people will be discovered.

2. Clannad

The series stars Okazaki Tomoya, a melancholic high school student resentful of his life for various events he has experienced. His mother died in a car accident when he was younger, prompting his father to indulge in alcohol and gambling. This seriously affected the relationship between the two, causing continuous fights until one day, his father injured his shoulder. He distances himself from his father and frequents the house less and less.

Walking to school, he meets a girl named Nagisa Furukawa, a year older but who was forced to repeat due to illness. Nagisa is often lonely as most of her friends have drifted apart, but she begins a friendly relationship with Tomoya. The girl will change the way the young protagonist sees the world.

3. Your Lie in April

Kousei Arima is a child prodigy who plays the piano, but his mother falls ill and is hospitalized for a long time. He dies when Arima is only eleven years old, and his loss causes him to put aside the piano, which his mother liked the most. Now he is unable to play, and his world has become much darker and drabber. It has no motivation. At 14, her childhood friend Tsubaki introduces her to her classmate Kaori, a free-spirited violinist who infects Arima with her enthusiasm.

Kaori Miyazono expresses herself with her vibrant music and wants to be remembered through music. The relationship between the two helps Arima return to the world of music, but above all, to feel free to play the piano and regain her vitality.

4. Natsume’s Book of Friends

Although he seems like an ordinary boy, Natsume Takashi hides a secret: he has the ability to see spirits like his grandmother Reiko Natsume. Precisely in a book by Reiko, he finds the reason why the spirits have chosen him. This Japanese calligraphy notebook contains the names of the spirits, known as youkai, with whom he had a binding contract to remain prisoners of the will of the owner of the book. That is why the Yujin-Cho is a highly valued item in your world.

Spirits seek their freedom, but others prefer to get the power of the book. Now, Natsume is determined to free the spirits and dissolve the contracts. He will have the help of a spiritual cat named Madara, who will protect him from evil spirits to fulfill his goal.

5. Usagi Drop

Also known as Bunny Drop, this anime centers on Daikichi Kawachi, a 30-year-old single man. Following the death of his grandfather, he discovers that he has an illegitimate daughter with a lover younger than him. No one in the family knew about this girl, but they don’t want to take care of her. However, Daikichi Kawachi decides to be the tutor of Rin Kaga, who is already 6 years old. Since then, her life changes completely, as she discovers how hard it is to raise a child.

He’s not really sure how to raise Rin and asks his coworkers for advice. Little by little, he will take a liking to the little girl. The manga author himself acknowledged that some of the protagonists’ problems are based on their personal experiences.

6. Welcome to the NHK!

Satou Tatsuhiro, a young man of 22 years, is a NEET, the acronym for those who do not have any occupation (neither study nor work). But it is also a hikikomori who are the people who suffer from acute social isolation. This situation leads him to believe that everything around him is a conspiracy, including why he feels depression, obsession, or loneliness. According to him, a secret organization called Nihon Hikikomori Kyōkai (NHK) wants to create a world full of hikikomori.

Satou Tatsuhiro has been in isolation for 4 years. Still, one day he meets Misaki Nakahara, a mysterious girl who selects Satou for her “project” that will cure him of his hikikomori customs. Misaki has a plan based on psychology and psychoanalysis for the protagonist to abandon that lifestyle that drives him to madness.

7. Hanasaku Iroha

The protagonist finds herself in an unstructured family, where the mother has escaped with her last boyfriend, and her father died when he was a baby. So Ohana Matsumae begins to live with her grandmother, with whom she does not have many relationships. As soon as she arrives in town, her grandmother puts her to work in her Taisho-era (1920) hot spring inn. The plot centers on Ohana’s life and how she reverses the situation, where she feels like a stranger since not even her grandmother is happy.

He has no friends because of his direct personality, but in his new home, he finds the support of Nako, Minko, and Yuina, the latter at school. Ohana will have to get used to her new life, so instead of being discouraged, she makes the most of her circumstances to mature.

8. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Sorata Kanda is a student kicked out of high school dorms after picking up a stray cat. So he ends up moving into a dormitory Sakura, which has a reputation for gathering the most troublesome students in school. He will soon discover that outlandish and uncontrollable people indeed surround him. Among them all, he meets a girl named Mashiro, an internationally renowned painter who has no idea of herself.

Sorata is desperate to get out of these bedrooms, but he has to take care of Mashiro. Thanks to his relationship with the young woman and with other roommates, he will discover who he really is and what he wants to do in life.

Honorable mentioned anime series

This last category is a mixed bag since various types and genres of anime are included, although they are of great quality and are very worthwhile. 

1. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Although Evangelion has gained much popularity in the West thanks to Netflix, the science fiction series began in 1995 and is set in a dystopian future. In 2000, the Earth suffered a cataclysm called Second Impact that ended with half of the world’s population. During that event, humans had their first encounter with angels. To prevent further such attacks, the UN created the NERV organization in Tokyo-3, made up of giant Evangelion fuses.

At the age of 14, Shinji Ikari is summoned by his father to Neo Tokyo-3 after several years without seeing each other. There he reluctantly accepts the task of becoming the pilot of a giant robot by the name of EVA01 and protecting the world from the mysterious invaders. Little by little, it will be discovered why the angels are attacking and what his father’s true intentions are.

2. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

After experiencing a strange dream, high school student Madoka Kaname and her friend Sayaka Miki encounter a magical creature named Kyube. It gives them the ability to obtain magical powers if they agree to make a contract. He will grant them a wish, but they will risk their lives fighting the evil beings known as witches in return. These beings are responsible for most of the disasters and despair that occur in the world.

An ally of Kyube, a magical girl named Mami Tomoe, befriends the girls and encourages the two girls to accept the contract. On the contrary, another magical girl named Homura Akemi is determined to prevent Madoka from accepting the deal even though they do not know why.

3. Revolutionary Girl Utena

This fantastic adventure tells the story of Utena Tenjou, a young woman who met a prince and gave him a ring after the death of her parents. Utena was so impressed that she swore she would become one of them. So he starts dressing like a boy at Ohtori Academy, a behavior that even his teachers don’t understand. Even so, she is one of the students most admired both for her performance and for her physique. One day Utena fights with a member of the Student Council to defend her friend.

This group of students aims to win the Bride of the Rose, Anthy Himemiya, who becomes the property of the victor of the duels. So inadvertently, Utena is involved in a series of duels with other members of the Student Council.

4. Flamenco Samurai

Also known as Samumenco, this is the story of how a model becomes a superhero. Young Masayoshi Hazama is a fan of Tokusatsu and decides to become a superhero, despite not having superpowers or the technology to create a high-powered suit. So he becomes a Flamenco Samurai and begins to fight crime in the name of justice to achieve a better world. He soon discovers that hiding his identity is not so easy.

In fact, the police officer Hidenori Goto learns the true identity of Samurai Flamenco from a twist of fate, leading him to get into a lot of trouble. However, these two young men will face the difficulties of fighting crime as they discover what it really means to be a hero of justice.


FLCL is an OVA miniseries of only 6 episodes starring Naota Nandana. He is a Japanese sixth-grade boy who admires his older brother Tasuku, a young teenager going to the United States to play baseball. Tasuku’s girlfriend sends mixed signals to Naota, and Naota doesn’t know what to do with her. However, one day he meets an extraordinary girl who runs him over with her Vespa. Her name is Haruko Haruhara, and she has strange behavior.

Naota’s life changes radically with this encounter, as a horn grows on her forehead. For her part, Haruko has cat ears, and revolver triggers that she has to hide. It will be the cause of Naota facing a pirate capable of stealing entire planets.

6. Yuki Yuna is a Hero

Yuki Yuna is 13 years old and lives in the fictional city of Sanshu, on the Japanese island of Shikoku. Yuki forms the Club of Heroes with her friends Mimori Togo, Fū Inubouzaki, and Itsuki Inubouzaki to help anyone in need, even other clubs. As a heroine, she uses the martial arts learned by her father, although her main characteristic is the punches that she gives with the armored gauntlets that the heroine suit provides.

But one day, they receive a call on their mobiles, and as a consequence, they are involved in an explosion of light that transports them to a strange place known as the sea of ​​trees. There, young people will have to protect a protective deity called Shikoku and fight against mysterious enemies known as Vertex.

7. Mawaru Penguindrum

This series tells a story full of mystery and supernatural phenomena. The protagonist named Himari Takakura is terminally ill and dies after going on a trip with her twin brothers Kanba and Shoma. Suddenly a strange spirit with a hat in the shape of a penguin appears that saves his life, but everything has a price. In exchange for lengthening his life, he asks the twins to search for an object known as Penguin Drum with the help of 3 penguins that only the brothers can see.

This completely changes the lives of the boys. Kanba takes this mission to find the Penguin Drum and the medicine for his sister very seriously, so he will do everything possible to get it. Instead, his brother Shoma is not comfortable doing some acts of dubious morality, but he will have his own goal in this story.

8. Shinsekai Yori

Also known as From the New World (From the new world), the action takes place in Japan, about a thousand years before our era. Japan has become a fractured country made up of small cities. In this dystopian future, the rulers of the world have the cursed power of telekinesis, which they call the “power of the Gods. ” This ability kicks in and develops at puberty and is virtually unlimited. The protagonists are 5 children who discover that the world is not what it seems.

After certain incidents at their school (where Reiko and another student mysteriously disappear) and on a camping trip where they run into artificial intelligence and an invading tribe of Bakenezumi, Saki and the others investigate the bloody story that led the world to this state, a reality hidden by the rulers.


We have to spend a lot of time compiling this amazing must-watch anime series list. If you just start exploring anime, this article will help you with the best anime series of all time

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