May 20, 2024


Evarline Okello from Kibera found herself entangled in debt after borrowing money to “sow a seed” at one of the Nairobi pastors

Whoever introduced the mother of four to the man of God told her that his prayers were so powerful she would stabilise financially within weeks


The catch was that she had to pay N54,000 for the prayer, a loan that has since ballooned to N137,000 due to non-payment

She is now even more broke, deeper in debt, and the friend who took the loan on her behalf stopped talking to her


Every day is full of regrets for Evarline Okello who lives in a shack in the sprawling slums of Kibera, Nairobi.


That was not how she envisioned her life would turn out, but it is where she is now and the much she can do is shed tears.

Evarline took loan of N54k

In an interview with BBC, the mother of four disclosed that her woes may have started way back, but they were compounded by her quest to better her life.


According to her, she was struggling to feed her children when she heard that a pastor would pray for her to receive a financial breakthrough.

But there was a catch: Evarline had to part with N54,000 in what was referred to as a “seed offering.”

She discloses that whoever informed her about the clergyman waxed lyrical about how powerful he is, and that she would repay the money in days. Loan has ballooned to N137k


Loan has ballooned to N137k

Given that there was hope for better things ahead, she borrowed the money from a friend who took a loan on her behalf.


It dawned on her that she had been conned when there was no positive financial change in her life, and things even got worse.

The loan her friend took on her behalf has since ballooned out of control due to unpaid interest and currently stands at N137,000.

“I have no idea how I’ll pay the money back and my friend stopped talking to me. Things have become so difficult I have lost all hope,” she lamented.

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