June 12, 2024


  • A video of a funny Nigerian mother tackling her newborn baby girl at home has gone viral on TikTok app
  • In the video, the mother first complimented her baby girl for having flawless skin and being so beautiful
  • However, she went ahead to question her baby girl to know why she decided to have no hair on her head


Mothers always pray and hope that their babies will be born with some beautiful physical features.


A young woman delivered a beautiful baby girl with scanty hair, but she was not happy about her children’s hair growth.

Nigerian mum laments over daughter’s scanty hair
Photo Credit: @vicktoria_jaySource: TikTok


According to her, while the child was still in her womb, she prayed that her baby girl must be born beautiful, with flawless skin and thick hair.

The mother noted that her baby came into the world looking very beautiful, with flawless skin but no hair.

In a video, she displayed her daughter’s hair and demanded an explanation for the hairless situation.

She added that she had bought many hair clips and bands but now, those items cannot be used on the baby girl.


In her words:

“You’re smiling. She’s smiling. Oh baby is smiling. I told you that I wanted you to be beautiful and you came out beautiful. I said I wanted you to have flawless skin. Look at my baby skin; flawless. I told you I wanted you to have hair.


“See your mother’s hair and then you went to have this (points at the hairless head). How dare you? How dare you back stab me? And I bought hair packer. I bought hair band. I bought hair clip. Where am I gonna clip it? Where?


“Tell me, I’m listening to you baby. Do you have something you want to say? Do you have something you want to say to your mama, hmm?”

Watch the video below:

@vicktoria_jay I pray it grows out cox i had so much plans for that hair😒 #vicktoriajay #foryou #fyp #foryoupage #newmum #firstimemum #sheunderstoodtheassignment #understoodtheassignment #skin #hair #motheranddaughter #motheranddsughtergoals #mybeautifuldaughter ♬ original sound – Vicktoria_Jay


Social media reactions

@Omaberry commented:

“The comb I bought for my daughter, till now we never see hair to comb.”

@Divinegrace wrote:

“Same here. my girls came out with Jesus is my barber.”

@LADY B commented:

“U see the reason y I no dey buy baby hair oil cos nah bishop I dey born.. even though there are boys.”

@Naa Shika wrote:

“2 out of 3. She tried. An absolute win.”

@realcocolet commented:

“Y she no just complete am. Awwwww leave that baby alone, I’m her lawyer, she’s innocent, she said u weren’t loud enough when u were telling her the last assignment.”

@Ike’s Cuisine wrote:

“Don’t stress our princess abeg. It might still grow sha.”

@user1576325677828 commented:

“@millychoc3 come see our babys twin.”

@pattinawreh wrote:

“Beautiful moment.”

@bestfemalerider said:

“She will have hair am serious.”

@Naa Nsumor wrote:

“She’s trying to tell you that her hair will grow give it time.”

@living testimony said:

“I am sorry mommy.”

@Vera-vick Joseph wrote:

“Most of us that have full hair our children don’t have hair.”

@Bottlelogy_shopped out_gh said:

“God abeg oooo I don’t have hair but I’m trusting God for my kids to have hair.”

@Olanrewaju Beckley commented:

“Story of my life sis.”

@liveth5 commented:

“This is my sister talking to her baby.”

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