May 29, 2024


  • A Nigerian woman broke down in tears and worship after a stranger surprised her with a huge cash gift
  • In a heartwarming video shared on TikTok, the woman watched in disbelief as the money was handed to her
  • The grateful woman thanked the stranger profusely in the video that has gone viral on and melted hearts

A TikTok video shared by @ositapopcorn, shows the moment a woman received a cash gift.

This woman who sells roasted plantain and yam burst into uncontrollable joy when she got the cash.


The video opens with the woman standing and staring at the money in disbelief.

Emotional video as woman receives cash gift

The man who brought the cash gift explain that the money is for her business and to send her child to school.

The woman broke down in tears of joy and gratitude, as she said she has been struggling to make ends meet.

As the video progresses, the woman continuously praised God and thanking the stranger.

Watch the video below:


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Here are some reactions from Tiktok below:

@nedmicheal had this to say:

that man wey dey chop strong plantain for back abeg u for give 2k make he use drink juice.

@jameltells said:

I love that so many African elders immediately praise God after being blessed

@baddie18.6 said:

I hope say no be only me dey cry

@theonlycm7 commented:

This is why sometimes when I buy things from these ladies, I leave change… the little matters to them


Our mothers never think about themselves.. always their children first … it’s an ability I can never understand… may God bless our mothers

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