July 15, 2024


  • A sweet video posted on TikTok shows a lady and her friends performing an amazing cultural dance
  • The traditional dance video has since gone viral and received more than 256k views on TikTok by Saturday, April 22
  • TikTok users who enjoyed the traditional dance and the way the ladies twisted their bodies praised them in the comment section

A fair-skinned lady led her friends to perform a sweet Benue dance, and the video has gone viral.

In the 12 seconds video posted on TikTok by @ella_juicy1, the lady was more visible than the rest of the dancers.


She was dressed in the Tiv traditional way with an ‘anger’ wrapper wound around her waist and chest.

Video of Benue traditional dance goes viral on TikTok

Her friends on the other hand dressed in the Idoma and Igede traditional attires, completing the three main tribes in Benue state.

The lady performed the Tiv dance, twisting her body like a snake. In local parlance, her dance would be called ‘ama a tiligh’ because of how vigorous it was.

Her interesting moves bore the marks of ‘Swange’, which is an interesting dance pattern in Benue state.

A lot of people who have seen the dance performed by the three ladies took to the comment section to praise them and to ask for more of such videos.

Others who saw the traditional dance video expressed happiness, saying they are also from Benue.

Watch the video below:

@ella_juicy1 The three beautiful tribes in Benue💪 #ella_juicy1 #viralvideo #benueblood ♬ original sound – Ella julius


Reactions from TikTok users

@Serry said:

“If una no like my comment I go turn myself to Yoruba gal. Proudly Tiv gal.”

@may reacted:

“Idoma to the world. Proudly Benue.”

@user327596181517 said:

“Benue for real, Igede to be precise.”

@Anna EHI Sunday commented:

“My num is Tiv and my dad is idoma. I love them both.”

@Flash Barry said:

“Do you guys make me remember home.”

@markzarah commented:

“I want to see more videos please.”

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