April 21, 2024

A self-acclaimed activist Martins Otse, aka VeryDarkMan, has confidently showcased his hairdressing skills by braiding a lady’s hair in the bustling city of London.


The media personality took to his official Instagram page as he shared video featuring Verydarkman plaiting the hair of a lady sitting on the floor.


He divided her hair in pieces before weaving it into cornrows. They looked stunning as he demonstrated his handiwork.


While braiding the lady’s hair, he expressed his belief in his ability to thrive with this talent and urged his followers to hone it too. Additionally, he emphasized that the hairstyle he created for her was provided free of charge.


He wrote, “I can survive anywhere in the world with this,what can you survive with? If you don’t have a handwork yet,try and learn something”.


“Note:this is a free hair do,not getting paid✌️❌”.


Watch the video below:



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