April 21, 2024

In a comical online video, popular actress Mercy Johnson is captured in a moment of humor on the set of a new movie.


The footage features her playfully expressing hunger while wearing a fake pregnancy belly as part of her on-screen role.



In the amusing scene, Mercy Johnson, in her character, complained about being hungry when a man walked past her without acknowledging her.


She humorously scolded the man, suggesting that his negligence could have led to an unintended mishap.


Read some reactions below:


eric90033 said: “I day see this una Bella like 8 months and 3 days pregnancy 🤣”


nibtaaf.fashion said: “Hope they weren’t married to the same husband ooo bcuz Otilo niyen ooo 😂😂😂”


j_blessings_ said: “This movie I see problem everywhere no peace 😂😂😂😂can’t wait to Watch it 😂😂this one Hungry don de Catch u like this when movie never start 😂”








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