July 14, 2024

A Nigerian lady has erupted several reactions online following her video where she berated girls who are getting married to a poor man.


In the video, the lady affirms that the biggest mistake any girl can make in life is to marry a poor man as her husband.


According to the lady, she can never marry a poor man in her life while adding that dating a poor man is a big risk.


Speaking further in the video, the Nigerian lady stated that girls need to learn how to leave a man who cannot provide what their daddy has always given them freely.


Based on thinking faculty, the Nigerian lady says that most broke or selfish guys mostly think like a fool as the brokeness has affected them mentally while stressing only a few of them are intelligent.


She claimed that most girls are not meant to be in relationships with poor men as most of them are always insecure and manipulative.


The Nigerian lady uttered that most of the poor men are known for saying “Is it because I don’t have money you are doing me like this?”, a character that she found very annoying.


Watch the video below;


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