May 20, 2024

Fans were treated to a whole new flavor of Actress Doris Akonanya as her latest video showcased her in a whirlwind of high-octane energy.

She was dancing like there was no tomorrow, twerking with all the zeal of a dynamo, and embracing the spirit with a drink in her hand, all within the confines of her bedroom.


She sprawled out on her bed as if she had struck gold, but the viral video left many convinced that she was completely in the thrall of alcohol.


Doris Akonanya set the internet ablaze with her recent bedroom video, where she let loose and busted a move, shimmying and shaking her derrière with wild abandon.


The spirited actress with limb uniqueness appeared to be on cloud nine, leaving her fans convinced that she might have had one too many, dancing like there was no tomorrow.


Renowned Nigerian actress Doris Samuel Akonanya fans abuzz with chatter and a flurry of comments as she unleashed a burst of electrifying energy in her latest viral video.


In her latest Instagram video, Doris made quite a spectacle, clutching an alcoholic drink and dancing with gusto in various nooks of her bedroom.


Doris, sporting both a poker face and a radiant smile, also knelt on her bed, persistently flaunting her twerking skills, sending shockwaves of energy throughout the room.


It was only when she adorned her post with a “Happy New Month” greeting that we realized she was truly raising a toast to life.








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