May 20, 2024


  • A Nigerian man has said he is looking for an olden-days gas lamp to buy at a mouthwatering price of N11.5 million
  • Specifically, the man showed an old German gas lamp made in 1875 and asked those who has it to contact him
  • While some people said they have a similar lamp at home, others said the price he is offering is too good to be true


A man who buys old items has said he is looking for an old German lamp made over 150 years ago.

He has posted a video on TikTok showing the specific gas lamp he wants, and he said he would pay $25,000 for it.


A simple conversion of $25,000 approximately amounts to N11.5 million, and this is the price the man is willing to pay for the lamp.

Man searches for old German lamp made in 1875

While such an amount seems too good to be offered for an old lamp, it appears the lamp might be hard to find.

The lamp in his hand was made in Germany in 1875, and according to the man, the one he is looking for must attract other iron objects like a magnet.

But some people on TikTok have said they have the lamp even though it was made more than 150 years ago and is even out of use in many homes.

Some doubted the man’s sincerity. His TikTok bio, @olakanmiegolddeni says he buys old items at a good price, but people find it hard to believe him.

Watch the video below:

@olakanmiegolddeni dm if you have these olden days gas lamp $25,000 if you have it please dm on WhatsApp +2349038228396 #tiktok #tik_tok #oldendays ♬ original sound – Richie Holakanmi


Reactions from TikTok users

@bees honey said:

“I have it here in Uganda. What can I do.”

@tolujoshua708 commented:

“Una don start na so we find black and white television den.”

@user162130172472samo said:

“148 years since 1875.”

@Engineer Clinton said:

“I’m in Uganda and I have it.”

@chelsea fun commented:

“Eagle brand…19 70d …with magnetic effect. made in Germany, hope so.”

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