July 15, 2024

  • A lady blessed with eye-popping beauty posted a video showing when she danced close to a grazing cow
  • The cow watched and also grazed away as the lady used her waist to dance as if wanting to entertain the animal
  • At the moment, the video has ballooned on TikTok where it has been viewed a whopping 401,000 times by dance lovers


An elegantly dressed lady with jaw-dropping beauty danced while standing before a cow.

The big cow was grazing under a tree in a lush green field where the beautiful lady stood and performed her dance.


It was as if the lady was on a mission to entertain the cow because she stood very close to the animal while dancing.


Lady stands before a cow and dances to Spyro’s song

The cow did not seem to understand the fun that the beautiful lady was having while dancing as it merely watched and also grazed away.

She mostly used her waist to dance, shaking it in a spectacular way and with so much pride.

The beautiful lady danced to Who is My Guy, a viral song made good by Spyro and she sang along as if to say the cow is her friend.

The lady’s TikTok handle, @.bigninoh is littered with many videos recorded in front of the cow.


In one the videos, she was seen feeding the cow with green leaves. This particular video was funny because the cow dragged her with the leaves.

When she removed her hand from the leaves, she stepped back and started dancing.

Watch the video below:


@.bigninoh #tiktok #trend #virral #fyp #bigninoh ♬ Who Is Your Guy? – Spyro

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