July 14, 2024

Crown Uzama, also known as Shallipopi, a budding Nigerian musician, has disclosed how he spent his first music earnings.


He stated that after his hit tune ‘Elon Musk’ was released and he began generating money, he used it to frequent oscroh – another name for oloshos, which means ‘hookup chicks’.


Shallipopi disclosed this while being interviewed by Hip Hop artist Odumodublck for a recent episode of the Turntable podcast.


When questioned how he spent his ‘Elon Musk’ profits, Shallipopi stated that he used them to purchase “oscroh,” a street slang term for sex workers.


Odumodublvck asked; “When Elon Musk blow, wetin be the first thing wey you buy? No be this chain.”


Shallipopi replied; “I chop am na, normal. I no buy chow. I use am order oscroh [sex workers].”


“When my music was being trolled online, I ignored it because you don’t have to listen to the naysayers. Just keep doing your thing. Who like you like you, who no like you, no like you. Everybody can’t like you,” he added.








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