July 14, 2024

With her most recent interview, Nollywood actress Ramota Adeoti, also known as Aunty Ramota, sparked debate online

The Yoruba actress in an interview Ijebu, she shared her encounter with Jesus Christ on her sick bed. According to her, the last time she was sick, she saw Jesus in her dream and He was the one who woke her up.


Aunty Ramota noted how people thought she was at the point of death with her last sickness, meanwhile she was only suffering from Typhoid.


Speaking on her relationship life, Aunty Ramota said she isn’t married and as of now, she doesn’t like men because of their behavior.


“I don’t have a husband and I am 5 years old. I used to like men, but their characters and behaviors aren’t pleasing to me.


The last time I was sick, people said I was almost dead and I had eaten something, meanwhile it was Typhoid.


I called on the name of Jesus and He answered me. He was the one who brought me back to life.


It was the Jesus I saw in my dream that made it possible for me to wake up”.




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