April 21, 2024

Ghanaian comic actor and television presenter, Akrobeto has said that he divorced his wife because she slapped him and he fell.

The actor who got married in 2016 recently revealed this while showering praises on vice president Bawumia and his wife Samira for marrying for 20 years.

Bawumia, vice president and his wife have been married for 20 years. Oh wow, they have done very wel. You see, they are not old but they have married nicely, that is good. So do you think Bawumia does not hurt his wife? Do you think Samira Bawumia does not offend her husband, Bawumia? We all make mistakes but understanding. Please, marriage is all about understanding. Oh Bawumia, you and your wife have done very well. Because they don’t look like… I thought it is 10 years they got married ooo. Heeer. Oh wow wow wow. Congratulations, congratulations

Akrobeto concluded by telling the story of his marriage by revealing the incidents that led to him divorcing his wife.


“I married my wife in 2006. I did not divorce my wife until recently when she slapped me that i fell.”

According to Akrobeto, he is now afraid of marriage.

“I am afraid of marriage now”,

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