April 21, 2024

A Nigerian lady named Adedoyin has shared her challenging job hunting journey after moving to Canada, revealing her struggles in securing employment opportunities in the foreign country.

Adedoyin took to her TikTok page to express her disappointment, stating that she has been actively searching for jobs in Canada but without success. She disclosed that she had applied for over 100 jobs, and despite her efforts, she has been unable to secure employment.


This disheartening experience has left her questioning her status as a Canadian resident, as she wonders why she has not been able to find suitable job opportunities like others who have successfully secured employment in the country. Adedoyin’s story sheds light on the difficulties faced by many immigrants in navigating the job market in a new country.


She wrote, “Me explaining why have still not gotten a job yet in Canada after applying for more than 100 jobs. Or am I in a different Canada.”


Watch the video below:




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