July 15, 2024

A big issue, Right?

Not anymore. I assume you are here because you accidentally create more than one Adsense account and want to delete another one, or your previous Adsense account was not approved. You created a new one and now getting an error called you already have an AdSense account.

Don’t worry, and I am sharing with you the best and working way to delete your Adsense account in this post.

Google Adsense allows only one Adsense account per person, and if you accidentally signed up twice with two different google accounts, then it’s a mess. If your Adsense account is disapproved or disabled, then it’s a big mess, but I have a solution.

You can still delete your disabled Adsense account. Or can delete your accidentally signed up Adsense account. You can still delete your disapproved Adsense account.

Steps to delete a disapproved or disabled Adsense account:

Follow these simple steps to delete all your old disapproved or disabled Adsense accounts.

If you don’t remember your previous signed-up Adsense Google account, I suggest using that forgot my id option. Enter your mobile number instead of your mail id, and you’ll see all your Google accounts linked with that mobile number.

First: Log in with the Google account you want to delete.

Second: Once you Logged in, go to this URL https://myaccount.google.com

Third: Click on Payments & subscriptions (on the left sidebar)

Fourth: Click on Manage Payment Methods

fifth: You’ll see five options at the top bar; click on the last one, “settings”

sixth: Scroll down to an end; you’ll see an option called “Close Payment Profile” under Payment profile status; click on it.

seventh: Then you have to choose “I don’t need this profile anymore” under “Why are you closing your payment profile” and then click on Continue.

eighth: Boom! Within 12 hours, your Adsense account will be deleted.

Let’s assume nothing works for you, don’t worry; you still have a chance to create a fresh Adsense account. But make sure you don’t use the old mobile number while signing up for a new Adsense account.

You can create multiple Adsense accounts with a new mobile number (make sure it is not linked with any account before).

Conclusion: This is the only way to delete your disabled or disapproved Adsense account out there. You’ll not find this info on any forum. If this tutorial actually helped you, then you can buy me a cup of coffee by sending something to my paypal [email protected]

Good luck!

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