May 29, 2024


A newborn baby surprised everyone with his gestures while at the hospital with his mother and father

In the viral video, the baby who was barely one day old, kept his head up while staring at his parents

Reacting to the video, netizens expressed shock over the incident as some shared their experiences


Parents of a newborn baby were surprised after witnessing their little child keeping his head up at his tender age.

In a surprising video, the baby stared at his parents and the environment while moving his head gently.


The father of the young boy was heard expressing his shock as he questioned the baby to know if he had been to the world before.



Social media reactions Bcr said:

“Bro skipped the tutorial. How is he keeping his head up?”

Ora__monney wrote: “Bro just realized that he came back to Nigeria again.”

Jeettaa___ reacted: “Babatunde I greet you sir.”

Abieyuwadialo said: “Grandpa was here before.”

Chukz__d stated: “Bro would be like “ this world looks familiar” apparently I know I’ve been here before tho.”

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