May 28, 2024


A little boy was so surprised after his family members bought a cake to celebrate his birthday

The one-year-old just stared at their faces as they sang for him and pleaded with him to blow off the candle on the cake.


A little boy has become an internet sensation following his reaction to a surprise birthday party organized by his parents.

He clocked one and his parents decided to throw a house party for him to mark his first birthday on Earth.


@yeevg__ Mi corazón está rebozado de amor en el primer cumpleaños de mi pequeño bebé 🎉♥️ #fyp #viral #1ercumpleaños #1año ♬ sonido original – YEE 🤍


@ralitsabeautyjadonsweets said: “He’s thinking whaaat in the worlddd is happening heeree?”

@itsjustm0s0now commented: “I’m confused as to why y all putting fire so close to my face. What I’m I supposed to do with this?”

@zagol21 stated: “He looks very disappointed, he be like “ is this how you celebrate my first birthday “ shm.”

@cole95t said: “Why’re they surprised that he doesn’t know the birthday tradition? This is his first one.”

@evettelsantana said: “The look on his face is like ok nuff with the cake where they gifts at hahahaha.”


@vonivodka commented: “Yo babies really don’t like that! It’s so funny but makes me wonder what they know that we don’t know.”




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