July 14, 2024



  • A video shows an elegant lady endowed with a beautiful body dancing in a sweet way during a wedding
  • The video of the lady who looks gallant and beautifully dressed has been viewed more than 157k times on TikTok
  • TikTok users have since fallen in love with the lady and her beautiful dress and they took to the comments to praise her


TikTok users have fallen in love with the dance video of a lady who is massively endowed with physical beauty.

The lady performed a sweet traditional dance during a wedding in a 9 seconds video posted on TokTok by @timewithnanakwame.

The video was short, and this made some of her fans to ask for more of her mesmerising native dance steps.

Video of lady dancing at wedding goes viral on TikTok

The lady who is plus-size looks so beautiful that many people ignored her sweet dance moves and concentrated on her beauty.

She was dressed in a pitch-coloured corset gown that hugged her body and properly brought out her amazing beauty. Many people praised the tailor who made her dress.

It is not known if the lady was the bride at the wedding, but some people strongly believe so.

In a separate video, the lady was seen stepping out with a lot of confidence, making some TikTok users to call her a gallant babe.

Watch the video below:

@timewithnanakwame For the culture 🥹📍 🇬🇭 ##theonlywayisneequaye ♬ original sound – Time With NanaKwame

Reactions from TikTok users


“The seamstress made it.”

@ahbena35 commented:

“The designer is really good.”

@broues24 said:

“Very gracious gorgeous.”

@user1119320346235 reacted:

“Who knows her handle pls?”

@Steph said:

“Who is she? Ghanaians in the house please help out with her name.”

@Diarra koubiss said:

“Whoever made your dress deserves to be crowded. Beautiful African woman.”

@kingkay commented:

“Specially packaged with good carriage.”

@ASANTE_NY said:

“The husband no go lack anything good in life.”

@vanevejones said:

“It looks neatly packed good seamstress.”

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