December 9, 2023



A video that has gone viral online showed the moment a Nigerian kid spoke British English while making an explanation in class.


After she was done talking, her teacher commended her. The way she breathlessly went through her words shows she was taught how to speak that way in school.


Nigerian kid spoke British English

While talking, she made hand gestures as a way to show which words were stressed and unstressed.


Many Nigerians who were in the video’s comment section found it amazing and funny at the same time. Some said even those abroad do not try that hard to speak like a foreigner.


As at the time of writing this report, the video has gathered 400 comments with thousands of likes.


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See some of the reactions below:

KIM said: “Even us lot that live in England DONT speak like this.”


galore said:

“Me in america using my british accent to sound interesting.”


oderaijeomah wondered:

“When will we ever be freeeee?????”


moyssade asked:

“Where are you guys downloading these accents from plssss?”


Somto said:

“Her veins!!! We should really embrace our accents and just speak fluently with it.”

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