June 13, 2024

More and more people are looking for new methods to get free Robux. It is the virtual currency of the Roblox platform, which continues to add fans of different ages around the world.

With the Robux, you can buy many things within the virtual world, such as access to premium games or exchange them for cash.

What is Roblox?

Before explaining how to get Robux without paying, let’s see what Roblox is and its main features. Roblox was born as a platform for children from 3 to 12 years old to learn about physics creatively by creating digital worlds.

The success of Roblox was immediate, and users began to discover the enormous potential of this digital universe. Players unleashed their creativity by developing new worlds, creating breathtaking scenarios explored by thousands of users.

The platform also served as a meeting point for players to interact with their fun characters. It is estimated that Roblox currently has more than 100 million active players each month and more than 5 million creators.

Roblox Corporation is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with a workforce of more than 200 people. The recommended minimum age to enter this great digital world is 8 years old.

Roblox Features:

Roblox does not have a specific purpose but rather encourages the creativity of its users to achieve an infinite number of purposes and objectives. A wide variety of worlds and plots lead users to spend hours glued to the computer.

Worlds in 3D represent an important differentiator compared to Minecraft, for example. The third dimension opens new doors for the exploration of the games and the interaction between the characters.

Its operation is quite simple since the user only has to register and start enjoying the adventure. If you have basic programming knowledge, you can create new worlds that could become the favorite setting for thousands of users if you do a good job.

Roblox creators can earn huge sums of money by developing new worlds. In fact, it is estimated that the age of developers ranges from 15 to 22 years, and some can get to pocket up to $50,000 a month.

Most Roblox games are free, but some are paid. In-game purchases are also made to get new tricks or special features for characters. This is obtained through Robux (R $), the game’s virtual currency that people want to win for free.

What is Robux?

Many are looking for methods to hack Roblox to get free Robux. This virtual currency is used to buy different items within the platform. Until recently, the game accepted another medium of exchange, such as Tickets (Tix), but now the Robux have completely taken over this virtual economy.

Users can obtain the currency within the official Roblox platform. However, on the Internet, you find different methods to earn digital money to perform new functions within the game.

You will have to pay for the coin in most cases, but there are some methods to get it for free.

What can you do with the Robux?

Robux is necessary for those who wish to scale to new levels within Roblox. These are some of the uses that you can give to the virtual currency:

1. Get Game Passes

You do not have to pay to enjoy the games on Roblox, but it will help you to have Robux to make purchases within the world. You can acquire special powers, upgrades, and clothes for your character, climb to higher levels, and much more.

The prices of the items for sale vary depending on the game, as each developer can determine the price they want for the different products. The player will decide if the item is really worth what the creator has indicated.

2. Access to premium games

You will need Robux to access the premium games on the platform. But remember that you don’t have to pay to play, as most worlds are free. Some worlds are really worth paying for due to the complexity of their settings, characters, and items for sale.

It is important to read users’ opinions before paying for access to a world, so you will avoid spending your money unnecessarily. Game prices vary; The cost of entry for some may be around R $ 30, but in other cases, the cost may be R $ 1,000. Websites for downloading games are also compatible with this model.

3. Collectibles

A wide variety of collectibles are sold on the platform, including bags, hats, and T-shirts. These items are purchased with Robux. Some users buy these items, expect their value to increase, and sell them at a higher price.

4. Sell ​​the Robux for cash

The system allows you to sell Robux in exchange for cash. It would be an exciting option if you obtained digital currency for free since you will earn money without investing a penny.

As you can imagine, many people are dedicated to getting free Robux and then selling them. It is a new method to earn money easily and safely on the Internet.

How to get free Robux?

There are several methods to get Robux for free. Let’s see the most effective and used by the user community.

1. Sell ​​Game Passes

Obviously, you must have a game created within Roblox. But you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to do it, as the games are straightforward to develop with a minimum of programming knowledge. Game Passes allow users to make a profit by exchanging Robux.

There is no limit to the number of games you can create. If you dare to become a creator, we recommend starting with a game and perfecting it to the fullest. If you do quality work, users will have no problem paying to receive the benefits.

Each developer determines the price of Game Passes, although there is a general price range that dominates the market. As a free user, you will receive 10% of the winnings of your games through Game Passes. While users with BC accounts receive 70% of the profits from all their sales through game passes.

2. Sell ​​Game Access

Here is another method to get Roblox and Robux cash without special codes. It simply consists of creating a game with a paid access. Obviously, for users to be encouraged to pay, it must be a game of excellent quality, offering something different from free titles.

The requirement to sell Game Access is to have at least one month registered within Roblox. As a creator, you will decide the price of access to your game, receiving 70% of the income as a BC user and 10% as a free user.

3. Roblox affiliates

Roblox has an affiliate program that allows you to earn virtual currency. With this method, you will not receive a mountain of Robux, but you will add some to your account. You must first enter your account on the platform and go to the affiliate program section to register.

The platform will generate a personalized link that you can share with your friends and family. In this way, you will receive 5% of the Robux bought by the people who come to the system using your link. There is no limit to the number of coins you can earn this way. Whenever one of your referrals buys Robux, you will earn a commission.

4. Cash for Apps

Using the Cash for Apps application, you will get Robux for free. This app is available for the Android and iOS operating systems. Its operation consists of making money while testing applications, which you can later uninstall without a problem. Perform the following steps:

  • Download the Cash for Apps app on your mobile or tablet
  • Open an account as a new user
  • Start testing apps and earn points. Points can be exchanged for gift cards
  • For 3,000 points you can buy the Rixty Card
  • Now enter the Roblox platform and exchange the Rixty Card for 1,000 Robux

5. AppKarma

With the AppKarma application, you can also earn Robux for free. It works similar to Cash for App since it allows you to earn points for testing applications. With AppKarma, you will also earn points by completing surveys in a few minutes.

Accumulate 9,500 points for a $10 Rixty Card. Now go to the Roblox platform and exchange that card for 1,000 Robux. The points accumulated in this application can be exchanged for other elements, including gift cards from different brands.

6. Google Opinion Rewards

Download this 100% free application in the Google Play Store to earn points by completing easy surveys. You can get gift cards, buy on Google Play, or make exchanges for Roblox digital currency with the points.

For three completed surveys, you will get 50 Robux. The benefit is higher if you live in Europe or the United States, although users in Latin America can also use the app.

7. Buy Robux on the official website

If you have no problems paying to get Robux, you can do it in the official Roblox store. These are the rates:

  • 40 Robux: $0.49
  • 80 Robux: $0.99
  • 160 Robux: $1.99
  • 320 Robux: $2.99
  • 400 Robux: $4.95. Receive 50 extra Robux
  • 800 Robux: $9.95. Receive 200 extra Robux
  • 2,000 Robux: $24.95. Receive 550 extra Robux
  • 4,500 Robux: $49.95. Receive 1,500 extra Robux (10% free)
  • 10,000 Robux: $99.95. Receive 5,000 extra Robux (19% free)
  • 22,500 Robux: $199.95. Receive 12,500 extra Robux (29% free)

8. Participate in the Builders Club

As part of the Roblox Builders Club, you can get a significant amount of Robux. Club registration is not free, but you must pay a monthly or annual fee to obtain different benefits in creating games and worlds.

When people join the club, they receive a generous amount of Robux as a welcome gift. On the other hand, you will get a sum of Robux daily depending on the level you have within the club: Classic users get 15 free Robux daily, 35 daily Robux for Turbo, and 60 Robux for Outrageous users.


These are the genuine 8 methods to get free Robux. It would be best to be careful with websites ( Robux generator) and applications that promise free Robux because many of these platforms have been created by scammers. Do not reveal your personal or bank details on any of such platforms.

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