April 21, 2024

A Nigerian man has come online to express his disappointment over the monthly salary he received from his Primary Place of Assignment.


The man identified as @OmHaddy shared on Twitter (X), the amount he received from his PPA for the month of January, 2024. He was paid the sum of two thousand naira.


The youth corps member lamented on how he is expected to upgrade himself with the ridiculous amount he receives on monthly basis.

He tweeted

“If I post a screenshot of how much I’m paid monthly where my PPA attached me to, this timeline would go bonkers. If not for prospects of being a 9-5 worker, this scheme is highly unnecessary.”


The youth corps member also attached a screenshot of the N2,000 credit alert, he received from his PPA after sharing his disappointment while describing why he feels the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme is overrated and unnecessary.



He concluded that the monthly allowance cannot sustain his daily expenses; feeding and transportation

“monthly allowance that can’t take me to and fro Kubwa – Asokoro in a day —feeding exclusive”

The man’s disappointment has garnered netizens’ attention; leading to mixed reactions and suggestions. Some reacted that they were not paid monthly salary where they served while others opined the NYSC scheme should be scrapped.



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