May 20, 2024


  • A hilarious video of a Nigerian mother throwing shades at her daughter’s photo has gone viral on TikTok
  • The young lady had sent a selfie photo of herself to her mother on popular messaging platform, WhatsApp
  • Reacting to the photo, her mother sent a voice note where she hilariously made fun of every aspect of the photo


Compliments go a long way in raising one’s self-esteem. This is more emotionally enriching when it comes from close family and friends.

A heartbroken young Nigerian lady recorded a WhatsApp conversation with her mother and shared it online.


She sent her mum a selfie photo of herself which showed only her face.

The young lady thought the photo was really cute and expected her mother to compliment and admire the picture even if it was just a small positive remark.


Her mother however had other ideas and used the voice note option to critique the picture as well as her daughter.

She commented that the young woman’s neck ‘went inside’ and if water was poured on it, the water would hang on the neck.

The mum also asked if her daughter was eating at all. Then she added that her daughter’s lips was shining and looking like the backside of a pig.

Watch the video below:

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Social media reactions

@foodiethatcancook commented:

“You no dey chop?”

@Philip Ejike352 wrote:

“I was born and raised in the comment section.”

@Trippy commented:

“Sorry ooo.”

@Roberto commented:

“No be everytime you go Dey read comments you too write something.”

@onyi gold commented:

“hahaha belle oooooh.”

@Soundboy commented:

“I love the bond.”

@PRECIOUR exclaimed:

“Jesus Christ!”

@Isaac Wilson commented:


@Lonely me commented:



“Voice note suppose Dey this TikTok..cause I suppose laugh using voice note.”

@_Lollipop commented:

“You no Dey chop?”

@Jullie commented:

“This is why we no one phone for my mama God!”

@Ykay5373 wrote:

“Sha make sure say you carry fine boy go house when you won settle oo, else this your mommy go talk shege after the boy go.”

@Okoyo Christy commented:

“Funny mom.”

@Tush_or_nothing wrote:

“You no day chop? Our mom can actually be our best friend though (urok).”

@Friday commented:

“Mummy blood.”

@Timmy commented:

“The last part weak me.”

@júníør mëntør said:

“Mummy ooh my body dey shake.”

@Villageharrypotter wrote:

“Na why I no dey miss my mother since she die sometimes be this.”

@Maro coded commented:

“Omo see finishing.”

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