April 21, 2024

An emotional video shows the moment female corper sheds tears as she and her male colleague leave camp after 3 weeks orientation course.

The corpers had received their PPA letters and they had apparently been sent to different places.


She was seen cleaning her eyes while she and her male colleague hugged warmly while he muttered some reassuring words to her.


Many have assumed that they had probably gotten feelings for each other, but NYSC separated them.


Watch the video below:



See some reactions below:


@Yourfavoritedimplegirl said: “@ZÕBÕ QUĚĔN if you don find love for camp”


@Tum⭕️❤️ asked: “Iseyin camp?.. hmmm”


@Ollysambebe said: “You go love for camp you go explain tire”


@user9753633572215 said: “separation of PPA”


@D3STINY commented: “After falling inlove, one is posted to north and the other to south”

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