July 14, 2024
Father submits himself to daughters as they use him to practice their makeup and eyelash installation skills in a viral video.


Fathers are known to be characteristically soft towards their daughters, acquiescing them in whatever they desire.




In a viral video which surfaced on social media, a man was seen sitting with a composed and resigned look as his daughters continued to practice their make up with his face.


When they were done using pain brushes to draw different marks on his face, they switched to putting lipstick on.


They also tried, with remarkable success, to install eyelashes on his natural ones.


Check out reactions which trailed this;


glamsim said: “not the daughter putting on lashes better than me 🤣”


@user4246827226876 wrote: “cheers to us who have never felt the love of a father except our almighty God.”

@regina_darkskin said: “that’s a real dad 💯💯💯💯💯

@agape 💕 stated: “then something comes up and u rush going out looking like that😂

@HappeningNYC wrote: “Quality time with the babies 👍💯

@den.xox commented: “lash & lipstick application 10/10 😭😂😂😂


Watch video below;




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