May 27, 2024

  • A young lady who just moved to the United Kingdom has narrated how hard it is to get a job in the land that is known to have job in abundance


  • The Nigerian woman said she applied to so many companies and have received rejections letter from all of them


  • While informing people that things are not as rosy when you move abroad she also bitterly stated that she is tired of trying to get job


TikTok video shared by @teemarh_ , has documented the story who narrated her experience finding a job in the UK.


In the viral video, the lady said despite all her attempts to get a job, she had not been able to get a single one.


No job despite 50 applications

The lady noted that she has not been able to believe the people who often say they get a job immediately after they arrived in the UK as her experience is not the same.

She revealed that she has applied to 50 jobs since coming to the UK and they had all been unsuccessful.


Many users who reacted to the video said they could not believe that someone may be qualified and not get a job in the UK.


Watch the video below:

@_teemah___ 😔😔 i give UP 🥺#_teemah___ #uktiktok🇬🇧uk #nigeriantiktok🇳🇬 #nigerianuktiktokers🇬🇧 ♬ original sound – _teemah___


We compiled some of the reactions below:

@adeyemladegboye35 reacted:

“No work for uk? you must be in wrong place dear.”

@arlke_stitches said:

Dey come nija na…abi.”

@Akinbo Olanrewaju commented:

Hal na village people o.”

@Reacher3637 wrote:

thank you o00. oni gibiti ni won o00.”

@Osborn_hon also reacted:

“months nah unfortunatelyI dey collect for the past two.”

@HACK_of_GOD also commented:

“It is because there is a lot people coming in now.”

@dywaasty also said:

“You are the first person to say the truth in the internet.”

@Olatokunbo637 also wrote:

“If you are not too picky you must see something.”

@Jummyderah53 said:

“Work dey o unless the work wey u dey look for no.”

@Ommy_Hotrol reacted:

You dey kolo my dear nothing you fit tell me I dey come that place.”

@Emla_afton also said:

there is work, maybe u Area student as some company doesn’t want part time staff.”

@Makavell637 wrote:

madam shift make I see road. Check if witchcraft power follow you to U.K.”

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