May 29, 2024

A Nigerian man who recently returned from prison several years after he was jailed garnered significant as he asked his friend why people are no longer using the once-popular chatting app, 2go.


In a video shared on TikTok by his friend with handle, @kayhandsome5, the man went to prison in 2008. Upon his recent return, he was surprised when he found out that things have changed totally since his departure.


2go was one of Africa’s leading mobile instant messenger and social network. After 5 years of dominating the African social media space, 2Go is no longer as prominent as it used to. The app is still in existence, and it’s still functional. But the users have all disappeared.


The video was captioned, “This is my friend who went to prison in 2008 and came back last week, asking me, Why is everyone offline on 2go?”


Watch the video below:




reactions as social media users thronged to share their thoughts. Some reactions are shown below:

Benita❤️ said, “I didn’t even use 2go 😂because I was 15yrs in ss1 when I started hearing it with no phone 😭😭🙆‍♀️”.

POM_POM🤍🥀 said, “Omo which kind crime be that 😂💔”.

Adelove_somebodi said, “😁😳🙄2go, hope him no ask of BB pin o”.

user88071820008 said, “Who else remembered pinging with blackberry”.

脓疱💕 said, “Bro I didn’t get to use 2go my mom was so strict she didn’t allow me to use phone”.

OLALEKAN ✨ said, “if Dem minus 15 years from hin age watin go remain nah”.

babygirl💐 said, “Eskimo nko😂”.

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