July 14, 2024

Wunmi Aloba  the widow of the deceased Nigerian singer Mohbad, refuted claims of any suicide attempt.

Wunmi asserted that ongoing harassment and threats directed at her and her eight-month-old son, Liam, led her to experience sadness and depression.

Reports indicate that Wunmi made a suicide attempt due to cyberbullying and threats aimed at her and her child.

Contrary to reports, Wunmi explicitly denied any suicide attempt during a conversation

She explained feeling saddened by the cyberbullying and threats, stating that the resulting melancholy led to her falling ill for a few days.

Wunmi said, “No, I never attempted to commit suicide. What actually happened was that because of the cyberbullying from all over social media and the constant calls I received from those who have continued to vow that they must kill me or my son, I became depressed and fell sick for some days.

“They are all over everywhere, and they always call me and guess my location right, and it is really getting to me, so I became depressed, but I never attempted to commit suicide.”

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