May 20, 2024

  • A black kid who had accepted money from an oyinbo became hesitant about playing with her in a TikTok video
  • The oyinbo lady tried to make her warm up to her as she stretched out a knuckle for the kid to touch
  • Many social media users who reacted to the video said that kid are naturally curious and she would later come around

A white lady has shared a funny video showing her trying to interact with a kid. While sitting in front of a store, she stretched her folded knuckle towards the child.

Despite collecting a N100 note from the oyinbo lady, the baby did not go close to her. Just when the baby was about to touch the lady’s hand, she withdrew again.


The lady said that the kid does not want to show her love despite the money she already gave her. Other kids stood by the side looking at the small girl and the oyinbo.


Many people who reacted to the video said the baby was probably curious and was hesitant because she had not seen someone with her complexion before.

Watch the video below:

@bombastigal1 i gave her money and she still didn’t want to give me love 🥹 what do you prefer love or money? Im single💰💔 #iamsingle #bombastigal #oyibo #teambomba #xyzbca #relatable #nigeriantiktok #fyp ♬ original sound – kondeboy


As of the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 200 comments with more than 25,000 likes.

We compiled some of the reactions below:

Ninyio L Daniel said:

“They way the little girl is staring at, like, who’s this extraterrestrial in our domain.”

KingOfBliv said:

“You should have given her new naira and see if she won’t smile, just saying.”

Python said:

“Chop ur love give me money jare.”

veronlartey said:

“She thinks she will vanish if she have body contact with her.”

Michael said:

“You self no try why you go give her old naira note.”

Fairly said:

“Little kids are so innocent they see and understand things differently.”

Celebrity_hubs said:

“She was like.. this Aunty is bigger than 100 naira na.”

Oyinbo lady backed her baby

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG earlier reported that a young oyinbo lady surprised many people online after she showed the moment she backed her baby the Nigerian way in public.

After tying the girl to her back, the lady known as @martinejarim on TikTok walked amid other white people who could not stop looking at her.

Many people took photos of her and her baby from afar. A woman stopped them to play with the kid.

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