July 15, 2024


Three confident girls caught attention on TikTok after they posted an 18 seconds video of their dance.


TikTok user, @revoo.oo posted the video, and it has so far been viewed by 757,000 fans who are dance lovers.


The video lasted only 18 seconds, but it was enough for the three ladies to show the stuff they are made of on the dance floor.


Video shows three girls dancing in a uniform way

They must have planned and rehearsed their dance steps because the three of them danced in uniformity.

Dressed in short clothes that barely covered their laps, the three girls displayed a lot of confidence as they danced.


Their hands, legs and the entirety of their body were used to display one dance step or the other.


After the video was posted, their fans took to the comment section to praise their craft.


Some people gushed over their beauty, while a particular user asked to have one of the girls, but the response was that she was taken.


Their dress shows they could be netball players, as confirmed by the creator. Someone offered to compete with them in the comment section.


Watch the video below:


Reactions from TikTok users

@user41703688000663 said:

“The guy behind enjoyed the view more than us.”

@Falade Ayomide asked:

“Which school is this?”

@chloe asked:

“Na school uniform be this?”

@Fonzy Carlos said:

“The girl on the left is soooo cute.”

@user38766175736388 commented:

“Beautiful dance moves ladies.”

@mustapha reacted:

“My son is definitely going to be schooling at a South African school.”



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