May 27, 2024


  • A beautiful lady who hustles by selling chicken meat has gone viral because of her jovial disposition
  • In a video posted on TikTok, the lady was seen in her shop, roasting her chicken meat and dancing
  • The fantastic, short video has got a lot of TikTok users excited as many of them want to visit her shop

A lady who hustles by the roadside has impressed a lot of TikTok users because of her happy disposition.

In a video posted on TikTok by @topsisters21, the lady was seen selling roasted chicken meat.


The lady displayed a nice dance in her shop. Photo credit: TikTok/@topsisters21.Source: TikTok

She was at a small portion that serves as her shop, roasting and turning plenty of chicken on fire.

Lady who danced at her shop goes viral on TikTok

Suddenly, she started dancing smoothly, shaking her body happily as if to show how glad she was with the day’s business.

At some point, she lifted her right leg and shook her waist gently. She said she was a little bit nervous when the video was recorded.

Her dance did not last a long time, but it was enough to excite TikTok users, who said they liked her happy attitude.

Some who have seen the video are asking where her shop is so that they will come and patronise her.

Watch the video below:

@topsisters21 I think I’m little bit nervous 😂😂#tiktokshortfilm #mybusiness ♬ original sound – kondeboy


Reactions from TikTok users

@Kelly mk said:

‘Unbelievable that U are working there.”

@user97125980522862 commented:

“I’m coming to you.”

@mabophe7 said:

“I like you and your work.”

@iano_miondoko_ said:

“It’s nature and be who you are.”

@Guy Long commented:

“Where are you located I wanna come buy.”

@nathanielgontori6 said:

“I really love you so much baby can we be good friends am in Keffi town of Nassawa state of Nigeria.”


“May God bless your hustle and give you a good-hearted humble and caring man that will take you higher you don’t belong there, darling.”

Mango seller dances in her shop

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